Carrie Has Eleven Toes

by Joshua Shaw

Carrie has eleven toes. No wonder she always wears socks. I would hide my feet to. It's not like they're so obscene you can't even look at them. It's just the opposite actually; you almost have to look at them. At first glance there just feet. Who cares about feet right? Then you notice something off. In a split second you realize that something is amiss here. But what could it be? Not the color or size. The left one though, it's definitely different. Something is odd about it. You can almost taste the wrongness of it all. That foot is definitely messed up. Then it hits you all of a sudden. There's an extra toe on that foot. Actually it's more like, "Holy shit! There's an extra toe on that foot!" But you try not to look at it. You try so hard not to even pay attention, to forget about it. You tell yourself, "that's fine; it's just a little different." But you know better than that. That thing is a whole lot different. So different that you can't even look her in the eye. You can't look at her at all. Then you start to notice everything wrong with her. Things that you know are common in us all. You notice that her left eye is slightly larger than the right one. You notice that her right nostril flares out a bit more than the left one. You can't help thinking that this girl is a freak! A freak of nature and you're stuck here staring at her. This girl is seriously messed up and everyone is just ignoring it! Something has to be done about it.

This girl can't keep this a secret for ever right? Someone else is going to see it. Someone will see it and judge her and make fun of her. Some ass-hole will tell her he loves her and see the toe and change his mind. It's too horrible to think about! What the hell? Why would her parents leave that damn toe on! Why would they not have it removed or something. Maybe they just wanted to ignore it. This damn toe is driving me crazy! So, what else can I do? I grab the girl. She's so small; she doesn't weigh much, 15 to 20 pounds. Tiny little thing. Why is she always dressed in pink? That's another thing; this kid's damn parents always dress her in pink. Like, "Hey, we know our kid is a freak, we'll just cover her in pink and no one will even think to look at her horrible fucked up crazy feet." Morons, this kid needs to be shown for what she really is. Why didn't her parents tell everyone after she was born? You would think they would be all about the sympathy right? "Oh the poor people have this beautiful little fucked up toed little girl, let's feel sorry for them." I guess there better than that. I guess. But I prefer to think they don't want to tarnish their little perfect family scene with this. So I carry the kid to the kitchen. Everyone is sitting down to dinner. They all just turn and stare at me. Like I'm some kind of god damned freak myself.

"Kevin, what are you doing with Carrie?" Her mom stands up and holds her hands out, "Come here to mommy little precious!" And motions for me to carry her over there. "Oh, no no no!" I say victoriously. "I have something to show you!" Mom just looks at me like I'm crazy. What's her damn problem? Why does she always spoil my good times? "Kevin, put Carrie down and go play, were eating dinner." Dad is such an asshole. I wish I could spend my whole day chasing whores around the office and finger banging my secretary. What a good life he must have! "No, you guys have to see this!" I hold her up like a damn prized bass and rip off her sock. That grotesque squirrely little freak-toe is dancing about like it knows who the hell everyone is. "What the hell Kevin?" Carries Mom is such a bitch. Whoops, I guess I rained on her little perfect family photo this time around! "Look at that damn toe! What the hell is wrong with it?" I seem to be the only one who cares. Everyone else is so fucking stupid they don't even care. I care. That damn toe is going to be the end of me. "Kevin! You put Carrie down and go to your room!" Dad gets out of his chair. What an asshole. Go ahead dickhead. Take off your belt. I turn the little freak around and look at her face. "You and I, we're not done here!" I take one last look at her toe and sit the little freak down. Enjoy the turkey assholes. Dad starts to follow me up the stairs. I guess I will get the belt. But, it was worth it. That damn toe is driving me crazy. Everyone had to know. Dad is such a dick. He knows that toe is a fucking stomach turning oddity. I had to show them. "Kevin, what the hell is wrong with you?" "What? What's wrong with me? Did you see that toe? Why the hell didn't anyone know about that?" He reached out with is left hand and grabbed my shoulder and started slapping at my ass. I guess I don't get any presents again this year. I hear mom coming up the stairs. I already know what she'll say. Blah blah blah. Thanks for ruining Christmas Eve dinner, blah blah blah.

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