The Agony of a Housewife

by Glyn Price

The Agony of a house wife

I never realised how much I disliked him.

When I first met him he was kind, gentle and loving. We had spent much of our lives together with a wonderful family. It was only till recently that little things started to annoy me. I shouldn't let them but I do. Problem is its getting worse like a virus, slowly taking over my body and mind.

I mean look at him over there, thinking he's the ayatollah. It should be me with my feet up relaxing in the evening warmth not him. This family give him all the extra attention and I do all the hard work. I need to relax but I cannot. It was far too difficult with him looking so snug on the couch.

The more I thought about the situation the more agitated I became. He was out all day and then comes home when he pleases and just eats and rests, eats and rests. This continuous cycle in my life was starting to make me go insane! Or so I felt.

I can't believe what I'm seeing! He's just dropped food out his mouth as he lay there like the fat slob he is, onto my beautiful carpet. Who does he expect to clean that up? I was boiling up with anger I couldn't control. I was close to snapping but just about kept it from showing. It isn't easy cleaning up and doing all the jobs for a family, nobody really appreciates me, least of all him.

I feel like I want to scream at him. I have worked hard for this family all my life, never stopping, always doing. He hasn't contributed anything like I have and he's a king. I've got a right mind to go in there and kick him out for good. Well I would, if I wasn't such a sissy.

Now I want to strangle him.

He's only gone and used my favourite cushion for his feet rest. His dirty and disgusting feet, I never see him wash and they're on my cushion. My minds made up, I am going in and telling him he's out for good. That should solve the problem, show everyone who the real head of this house is. No more mr nice guy, who smiles for everyone accordingly and runs around aimlessly after this family of slob's.

How would I approach this? I have never been good at confrontation. Maybe that's been my problem all along, not speaking up, never having my say. I know I'll go in and just demand he leave, look menacing and mean. He won't be expecting that from me, catch him off guard.

The sound of my flower vase smashing into the ground was the final straw.

That's it, He is out of here! The rage had past and now I was possessed. I ran into the hall and just before I could get in the room my husband walked into the house and stopped me in my rage.

"What the hell is going on woman?"

He said to which I replied

"It's that bloody cat! If you don't get rid of it this instance Then I am out of here!"

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