'The Leaves Fall as I Fall in Love With You

by James Freed

'The Leaves Fall As I Fall In Love With You'

I saw a tree today tall as it can be.

much taller than me and I watched the leaves fall.

I don't know what kind they were.

I just like them all.

And I watch that tree as the wind picked up and swaying the branches back and forth.

As each leave slowly did fall.

I counted the days I have been in love with you.

To me you are like that tall beautiful tree.

That I love so much but then I just never knew.

Now I do know and I cherish each day you give me.

Someday we will watch the season change and come and go.

I like our love and I want it to go real , real slow and just enjoy every moment.

I know I will see another tree but no tree out there is as beautiful as yours.

As it grows my heart pours and the leaves fall.

The leaves fall on the ground.

I like to say I am in love I like the way it does sound.

I have told everyone in town.

There are some who may not know that is very few.

The leaves fall as I fall in love with you.

The End

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