Love Is...

by Angel Rivera

Love is a desire,

A dream

And hope,

Love is a fire

A scheme

To most,

Love is a plague

A white flag

To boast,

Love is a distraction

A motive to coast

To silence and sway

To manage and pay

Homage to another

Outage, your way

Love is a raft,

Traveling at sea

Lost tracks in the sand

Love makes thee,


In irrational thoughts

At emotional costs

A fractional lost

Thee ends in exhaust and

Accost at opponents

A cost to your moments

Movements towards nuisance,

That frivolous thoughts ease

You seem weak in the knees

Conquered and seized

Emotionally pleased

But physically sleazed

With merciful heads

In surroundings of thought

Your mind has been clogged

Your heart has been bought

Your soul has been sought

Life is a daze

Reality in haze,

Every day.

Routine is your phase

With time you do pay.

Love; a description to Christians

Imagination to realist

A theory in science

Essentially an alliance

Love is guidance

A sentence of time

Unknown to the sirens

Causes tears if you're dying

Fear if you're hiding.

Mirrors obsession


And lust

Love is a desire

A dream and a must

An earnest entrust

So love not discussed,

But felt.

Love is a desire

A battle with self

Love is treacherous,

Hurtful if self,

Confused in itself

And aroused by temptation.

Some have lost it all

For a short time sensation.

Love is a desire, a question to most.

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