The Strange House

by Darius Dorsey

The Strange House

Hiya my name is Eliza. I'm moving to a new house that is to be sure a really nice house. Well that's what my mom tells me. Right now I'm in the moving truck cause my mom told me to wait in here until the moving truck gets fully loaded. Boom!! what was that I asked myself. I screamed to mama what was that. That was just Uncle Joe dropping the couch, She said. I laughed a little bit cause I thought that was the moving truck had broke. I'ma take a break right now from writing.


Hiya I'm back right now were on the road and I just woke up from a weird dream. It was about the new house and I was writing down in it about how the house is the best place to live in. I was mentioning a certain room in the house, but the min I start writing about it the house started to fall apart, then that's when I woke up. Well it was a dream I doubt anything like that will happen. Well that's all I going to write for now I'll write again as soon as I get settled in my new room at the new house.


Hiya Oh My God this house is totally huge and my room looks like it was made for a princess its big and spaceful I already love it here. The house looks really old like no one has lived in it for years, but its still cool. Like I said before my room had to be made for a princess, the only thing I didn't like about it was the wallpaper it had oblique faces on it that would stare at you with a creepy fixture, but didn't bother me before until I noticed on face that stared down with a concerned face so I walked over to it and noticed something I didn't see before. There was a pull out leaver on the floor that made me a wonder where did it go to. As I pulled it I had a flash back about my dream that I had when I was in the moving van I don't know why but something told me not to pull upon that leaver but I did anyway then. The most weirdest thing happened I heard I voice come the mist of blue saying "You should listened to your head not your instinct." I panicked a little bit` I inside the floor panel was all of theses journals similar to mine. I grabbed one that caught my attention. As I read it i noticed the simulates to both of our stories like how she was a sleeping in her car and had the same dream as mine where she was in the same exact room I was in and the when she was writing about it the house started to fall apart then she woke up. Hum something it very weird about this. I didn't pay much attention to the series of similar events. So I took the book put it back where it was and closed the floor panel. Well I here my mom calling me for dinner. I'll be back writing again.


Hiya I'm back. Dinner sure was good my mom made me some Hamburger Helper uhhhh it was delicious. While at the dinner table I mentioned the room incident that happened my mom chucked and said its only your imagination. Like I always say mama knows best. Well when I head back up stairs something strange started to happen. The voice appeared again and said "now that you know my secrets you must pay". The house started to fall apart at instant I heard my mom said lets get out of here. When she said that I bolted down the stairs and ran out the door behind my mom. Well now I'm homeless and now staying at a hotel for a little bit until the morning so I can go move in with my grandpa. I have to get to bed I'll tell you more tomorrow.


Hiya well I'm back. My mom got up early looking for house in the newspaper. I like this paper they have pictures of house also. Well while I was watching T.V. I heard my mom throw the newspaper down and screamed I rushed found out why she was screaming she pointed to the news paper. In the newspaper readied:

For Sale

Middle-Aged Mansion

4 bed rooms

Master bedroom

Two princess sized bedrooms

One Guest Bedroom

Fully remodeled

Then the picture of the house was the old house that we just moved in and out of. When I saw a picture of the house I had a flash back of my dream and but this was even longer and I just noticed something I didn't see before I can see the word in my journal; they said what ever you do never ever lift the floor panel up, then the voice came back and said check your back pocket. Then I snapped back to reality then noticed there was the journal similar to mine. I opened it to the end of the book and it said If your reading this right now I'm dead. For the one that is reading this you were the only survivor to make it out. Then it kept on and kept on until one line caught my eye and it said "I should have listened to my mine instead of my instinct. Well that's all I have for you tomorrow I move in with my grandpa and what do you know I ran out of pages to write on well I'll write soon BYE BYE.


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