Playmate's Apong Babae

by Lolo Anderson


The follow-up to My Dream Playmate Story. Go visit your Lola.

  Playmate’s apong babae

By: Lolo Anderson

Apong babae (Tagalog for Granddaughter)

Something like 40 years ago I had a fling with a Filipina hiding from Manila high society. I wrote a story about my dream playmate and posted it on the web. Several dozen people have now read that story. I have been getting pressure to expose who my playmate really was.

GOD has blessed me with what I call a vision of a teenage Filipina girl and her Lola (Tagalog for Grandmother). Lola was sitting in a wheelchair and her apong babae by her side. They were both looking at a photograph of a sunset with a silhouette of a female figure in the surf. It was a photograph I took of my dream playmate many years ago.

All my stories have been all about things I want my caregiver to read to me after my dementia has taken them away. This vision was so clear and it seemed so real to me. Along with the image of these two Filipino women, GOD also blessed me with several feelings about that snapshot in time.

I can best describe those feelings with a fantasy within my fantasy with the dream that had followed after seeing that image. You see her Lola has forgotten all about the photograph and everything about them.

I was cleaning out your room at home when I found these photographs. They were hidden in a box at the bottom of your private drawer. Lola, is this really you in the picture? I don’t really remember, sweetie but I think so. Where were you and who was taking this picture? I’m so sorry, sweetie I just can’t remember.

Lola also has dementia. Only her dementia is the destructive type called Alzheimer. Like in the movie “The Notebook” she was visiting her Lola to give her comfort and love by telling her stories about her Lola’s life. These photographs were evidence of a very interesting secrete she must have been keeping for years.

Apong babae fell to her knees and held her Lola’s hands and prayed to GOD. HOLY FATHER, please bless me with some details of my Lola’s secrete lover taking these photographs. I just know my Lola would love to re-live these very special moments, if only for a few minutes.

Just like Sandy in my story about my first date. My playmate’s spirit was right there helping bring back my memories of that wild and crazy fling in my Dream Playmate story. You see the Lola in this story is also my old playmate and is still one of my spiritual friends. She would love me to write a letter to the spirit of her granddaughter to answer her prayer.

A letter to my playmate’s apong babae spirit.

Hello my little apong babae.

This is a letter from the man taking the photographs of your beautiful Lola many years ago. First of all, your Lola was a lady. She was not only beautiful on the outside but she was also full of grace and laughter on the inside. If you read the story about my dream playmate you would learn about all the wonderful things we did and the places we went together. The things I say in this letter are much deeper and more from my heart.

You can read about the brave and scary things she did because she loved her Nanay and Tatay so much. We made a contest to see who had the very best childhood. Read her my story about my first foster home and see just what a wonderful childhood I had. The stories she told me stories about her Nanay and Tatay won the contest.

Your Lola and me were more than just lovers. We shared so many stories about each other’s life. She put her sweet arms around me and cried when I told her about Pam. Then she cheered me up telling me another story about sailing with her godfather. She told the story to make me believe I was really on his yacht watching the sunset with her lovers’ arms around her.

Yes, we were lovers sleeping together every night. You already know we had a sexual relationship. You may not know your Lola and me had a spiritual relationship also. How close to God we came in Yosemite. Praying down by the Yosemite Valley chapel with her was something so special.

Praying with her in the redwood grove was more like a visit to heaven itself. The three of us, all sitting there together by that giant redwood tree. Holding hands in both body and spirit with your Lola, together with the HOLY SPIRIT was such a glorious experience.

I can still see her dancing to the country music in that camper on the beach in her night shirt. She was so sexy and playful all the time. She always had a big smile on her beautiful lips. The emotion in her sweet voice as she sang her Tagalog love songs so beautifully to me. Felt like I was a private audience of one listing to a nightingale sing.

I don’t know what picture she showed you. She was so frightened for the first sunset beach nude silhouettes, then so sexy and exciting for the beach nude photos. Her sadness on our last day on the beach. Whatever photo you are looking at with her. Please tell her what a joy and privilege it was to be trusted so deeply to be her cameraman.

She had to follow the path that God had made for her and so did I. It took the strength of the mighty God to allow us the power to part. I know she don’t remember now but she was in love. It was breaking her already broken heart to say good-bye to me just as much as was breaking mine. Your precious Lola blessed me with a month of her life. Please hug her and tell her I still love her.

Please tell her how much I long to give her my holy embrace in heaven when we all get there. Please read her my story about being my dream playmate. She can re-live that crazy month and feel like the sexy beautiful woman she still is inside.

Don’t feel sorry for your Lola. That connection of our spirits gets more real every day. Just writing stories about all my lovers connects me to them. Our spirits connect in ways that are hard to explain. Your Lola sits here with me, all together with all four of my wives, my mother and grandmothers and a dozen other mostly platonic lovers. All laughing together in a place where nothing is hidden. Jesus is there with us, laughing the loudest. The joy of our agape love for each other is beyond your imagination. Your Lola’s spirit will be such a joyful part of me, even long after she has been taken away from you. My first wife will love your Lola.

The most important thing I wish to tell you about your Lola. Even way back in Disneyland your Lola told me how much in love she was with her boyfriend back home. I don’t have any question she is still in love with him today. As I am still in love with my wife all these years later. That month we shared together was only both of our fantasies. Private piece of both of our life’s that has nothing to do with our love for both of our spouses. Please tell your Lolo how much your Lola has always loved him.

With all my Love,

your Lola’s secret lover

Maybe you have a Lola in a home someplace like my playmate. Read my stories to her and let her pretend she is the playmate in the story. My prayer would be that it would make her feel young and beautiful again and let her see how wonderful God’s love for her really is. Let her know this is not the end. The New Testament is all about the living a spiritual life Jesus left us with here on earth. HE gave us HIS HOLY SPIRIT to comfort and guide us. It also connects us with the spirits of all those we love both in heaven and here on earth.

Your Lola may not remember just how close she was walking with GOD even during this un-holy fling with an old redneck hippy back in California. I can testify she had the time of her life and so did I. I am so grateful to GOD for the month I was able to share with your precious Lola.

I do not know how but I know the SPIRIT will somehow connect my fantasy apong babae to these stories about her Lola. Like in the movie, “The Notebook” if only for a few minutes she can be on that beach again with the waves reflecting her beautiful body in the warm surf sunset.

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