Special Agent Thistle the Chase for the Golden Teapot

by Christopher Paton

Thistle Haggis 15 years old, red hair like her mum, green eyes, great smile, tall, she had a curvy figure and she just thought she was a normal teenager growing up in the small town of Anstruther in Fife going to Waid Academy and have girly chats with her close friends but she didn't know was of what her parents did because her father Bagpipe 35 Year old, 5ft 9inch, short ginger hair, ginger beard, curvy, average figure, brown eyes he always wore jeans and t-shirts who was a inventor and created great gadgets for the government so he was always in his lab and if he wasn't in there it was locked so thistle couldn't get to see his inventions and play with them, her mother Toffee 35 year old 6ft tall, slim, long legs, blue eyes, dark red hair down to her bottom, she always worn amazing sexy dresses and she was a Private Investigator but what thistle didn't know was she used to be a MI8 agent she was one of the lucky ones she retired unlike her other agents who died in battle so she decided to open her own PI department so she could be out of the danger zone and make sure that thistle was not open to the world and safe from all her enemies.

St Andrews museum were opening their doors to the public off all there latest wares that they had gathered from around the world they were especially happy to have in their collection the priceless golden teapot that they happened to get from Asia China by a to be exact since it had been in it owner for over 2,000 years so they had made sure that security was doubled and that all the latest security around the case would stop someone from stealing it but that didn't stop people trying and failing which made Scotch the owner of the museum happy he thought no one would be able to break the systems and steal the precious golden teapot.

Thistle was doing a agricultural course at Waid Academy so she decided to go along to the museum and have a look around she hope her mum and dad could come but her dad was inventing a new gadget and her mum had a new case so she had to find one of her friends so she went online to MSN and chatted to her friends Pipa, Lavender, Heather, Basil, Pear unfortunately only Heather was available to go with her due to her friends either going to there grand parents or away on a family trip, Thistle was ok that she didn't go on much holidays due to her parents being busy that why she had great friends and her course was keeping her imagination going because she was learning about digs, tombs, and all about ancient bones.

Thistle and Heather turn up at St Andrews museum ready for the doors to open they both excited to see all the animals and weapons and jewellery but the most valuable piece of history was the golden teapot even though she enjoyed drinking tea the teapot wasn't made of gold it was good because there was also in front of the stand was a board with the history of tea and where it came from.

It made Thistle happy to have this in St Andrews because it meant that a small town would get lots of tourist it did anyway but most people came to visit the famous golf course and beach.

Thistle and Heather was fascinated in all the weapons the swords that had been used battle of Hastings and she loved all this type of looking back at how people lived and worked in that time when there was no mobiles, tv, cars, buses, trains, no computers, no shops either she wondered how she would cope if she lived in those times having to go out and gather wood for the fire and the men had to go off to kill rabbits, foxes any type of mammals the women then had to sew the nets to catch fish and make the clothes and use the skins of the kills that the men brought back and had to help build shelter for them to live in from mud and trees and the hides of the animals.

The strange thing was that to start a fire you have to rub two stones together instead of using matches and if they couldn't get it started then they could heat the water or cook the meat from the animals. There was also diseases and no cures for them where as they could go down to the doctors.

Thistle and Heather were enjoying the tour of the museum but they noticed a couple of people acting strange near the teapot but they didn't think anything off it so they went to the shop and bought gifts for her mum and dad and heather bought gifts for her family, then they left and went to the nearest caf and had a cup of tea and cake they wonder what it be like to drink tea from the golden tea pot.

Thistle wants to go back tomorrow to learn more about the history of tea where it came from how it was made they were too busy seeing what the two gentlemen standing next to the teapot that they forgot to write down all the information on tea.

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