2015-06-11 an Act of Random Kindness

by Matt Triewly


Written 2015-06-11

The sun is shining strongly through the window and I'm squinting my eyes. The seagulls are screeching as per normal and I'm sitting on the sofa which won't be fully paid off till December. I've got a mug of coffee, Fairtrade Decaffeinated, on the little table by my side to the left of me. I feel good and, in a few minutes, I'll be getting ready for work. The missus is having a lay in. She's on holiday at the mo.

It's funny really cos at work yesterday there were two things that I mainly remember. One, was that an elderly guy said to me, "I hope you don't think I'm rude, but you do really look just like Bernard Cribbens."

I had responded, "He must be a really good-looking bloke if he resembles me then!"

The old guy hadn't responded and had then just moved on.

I then wondered if I'd misheard him and he had actually said, Doctor Crippens.

Moving swiftly on.

But there was another moment when it was quiet for a bit when I recalled an incident from when I was a child - an act of random kindness.

I don't know how old I actually was at the time, but I had come home from school and on the kitchen-table was a toy projector. It was made from light blue plastic and I think made by Palitoy. With it were some film strips.

I had then said to me mother who was there, "Who's that for?"

"It's for you," she had replied.

I couldn't understand it. Why had I been bought a present when it was neither Christmas nor my birthday as they were the only times I got presents.

"But it's not my birthday yet," I had queried.

"I saw it in Woolworths and I thought you'd like it."

I still couldn't understand it.

"It's for... you."

In the end I did accept it and I loved that toy. It wasn't a moving film projector but there were slides of Disney films like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

That evening we had turned the lights off in the kitchen and with my mother and grandmother as the audience I had conducted the show. It was a bit like magic. I had felt really happy that night and when I had recalled that whilst at work yesterday, I had felt tears welling up in me. Sad. Sad to think of that act of casual kindness from my mother all those years ago. Sad to think that she has been long gone. Sad also to think that perhaps these acts of kindness ultimately mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Time to get ready for work now.

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