Peter Miles

by Clive Holman

A man called Peter Miles once found himself miraculously brought back to life, years after his demise.

There he was, stewing away in purgatory, when suddenly a bishop touched his bones, exposed within his grave, with the tip of his crosier and his bones reassembled and acquired flesh again and he came back to life.

There waiting for him in the churchyard were many witnesses, including the Duke who ruled over that territory. All present were quite astonished to witness his resurrection.

The bishop hadn't brought him back to life however, merely to impress the onlookers. Some of his living relatives had avowed that Peter had never received money for land that the Church had acquired from him. They had done this however under pressure from the Duke, because the Duke had a grudge against the bishop, due to his having reproved him on a number of occasions.

The bishop knew this claim to be untrue, and that the land had been validly purchased by the Church. So, on an inspiration, he brought Peter back to life in the name of Jesus in order for him to bear witness to the fact that he had indeed received the money.

This testimony Peter did give, and the matter was settled. He was afterward given the option by the bishop to either live on, or to return to purgatory!

You might expect he asked if he could live on, rather than go back to his sufferings in purgatory. No, however, he asked to go back there, giving the reason that if he were to live on, he might commit some mortal sin and thereby incur the eternal loss of his soul.

I'm sure however he had in mind that the Saint would pray for him, and through his prayers he would gain release from purgatory before too long anyway!

Now there was a man who minded whether he went to hell or not. What did he know?

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