Ode to the Crow

by Anastasia October

Oh, how powerful are you as your

possessed, curious eyes liquid black

and livid as they follow me

Cold as the lonely evenings

spent by those who pass by your domain

Below this solemn tree and this desolate air

you curse the inauspicious pedestrians

who so happens to rustle the fury within you

Oh, how what a striking sight are you as you

cautiously stalk your faceless prey

spread your elegant, ghastly wings

and circle your victim



and around

with a frightening smile spread across your face

Until you finish your demented game

and attack

Oh, how dear are you to me

So much that I came to pay tribute

to you today

Yet now unexpectedly

I am spread in pieces

around your sacred tree

Drenching your earth with a gift

representing my gratitude and admiration

Your feast, the blood of your recent kill

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