8333 Sunshine Blvd.

by James Freed


Jill Parker has lived in the dorm the entire time she has been in college. When she saw in the paper that there was a house for rent. It was like the person renting the house was calling her. So she calls them the very first chance she got. It is a Sunday afternoon. Jill calls Amy Donahue, who is also a college student that is looking for a roomate to help pay the rent. This was suppose to be the house her boyfriend Tanner and her were renting together but he ran out on her leaving her with the rent. It was either rent or starve.

When Jill first sees the outside of the house, she decides that she likes it right away. It was like reading it's description from a novel with the white picket fence and everything. She parks her car at the curb and sees Amy standing on the porch waving too her. She smiles because Amy looks very friendly. Jill grabs her two sets of luggage and then walks towards Jill.

"Welcome home Jill."

Jill lays the luggage on the porch and shakes hands with Amy. Then it dawns on her that Amy knew she would have taken the room without second notice. Jill doesn't like people predicting her every movement. Other than that everything is just fine.

"What made you so confident I would take the room Amy?"

"Well I could tell by the tone of your voice you were tired of dorm life and was in a need of a big change. So I figured you would grab at it, the first chance you'd get."

"Okay, guilty as charged."

"That is okay we are all guilty. Come on in."

Amy holds the door open for Jill. She lays her suitcases by the door and takes a look around her new surroundings. The house has navy blue walls with white trim. Even the house itself smells brand new, because in a way it is brand new. Then Jill closes and locks the front door.

"Let me show you to your room okay?"


Jill follows Amy up the steps. Each step creaks the moment she steps on it and so did the floor boards, every other one. Jill's room is at the end of the hall. There is a new handmade plaque with pink lettering that reads "Jill's Room." Jill smiles at that. It has been so long since she had her own room.

Anyway, as Jill walks down the short hallway and gets closer to her room, she feels a coldness. Something very cold brushes by her. It brushes by her so fast, that she didn't see what the thing was that touched her. She turns around and saw no one. She looks from side to side and sees no one. Then she reaches out and grabs Amy's shoulder which startles her. It made her jump and scream loudly. Then Jill jumps when she hears Amy scream.

"God Jil!l You almost scared me too death!"

"Sorry Amy. Who else would be behind you?"

Amy knows that is a very good question that was asked by her new roommate. It is only fare of her to answer it. She was worried that Jill would ask that question. Now it looks like she must answer it.

"Jill I am sorry that I was not up front with you from the start."

"What do you mean Amy?"

"Well to be honest, we are not alone living here. We have a guest. You might say, a special guest."

Jill acts like this was just find and dandy having a spirit in the house. When Jill really isn't too comfortable with it. Especially since it already touced her. She has never really been fond of ghosts.

"Okay Jill it's like see, this house was used by three college roomates just like us in fall of 1960. Two of them were sisters and the other was just a friend. Well one night, while having a slumber party, the girls felt sorry for this stranger wandering out in the night. They decided to let him in. What they didn't know was that he was an escape convict, who was on the run. He had strangled each of the three women and stolen their money. The neighbors heard the screams and called the police. They gunned down the convict right in this very home."

Amy acts like the story doesn't even phase her, but Jill is not done asking the questions. They walk inside Jill's new room and they both sit on the bed. Amy holds onto a pillow as she tells Jill the rest of the story.

"What were the girl's names?"

"Well lets see.There were Tracy and Sonia Greenwood the two sisters and Justine Slater."

"How old were they?"

"You know, come to think of it, they were each our age. How cool is that?"

Jill lays down on her bed leaning on a couple of pillows. She slowly looks around the room and begins to feel very uncomfortable. She has this strange feeling that she is being watched by unseen eyes. She also has a weird feeling about this room.

"Whos room was this?"

"What do you mean Jill?"

"Well if this is where the murders happpend, all four. Then this had to be somebody's room?"

Amy gets off the bed and starts to feel a little uncomfortable herself. She walks over to the door. She stands in the open doorway holding a set of keys in both hands. She stops and turns to Jill.

"I really don't know who's room this was sorry."

Amy then walks out of the room swinging the set of keys on her finger. She felt bad for not telling Jill the truth about her room. She needs the money badly though and a little white lie never hurt anybody. Or at least she had thought. Jill's room is the room where Ronald Glenn was gunned down by the police. When the police kicked in the door he ran up stairs and was cornered. Where three officers gunned him down. He fell to the floor and crawled towards the bathroom where he died on the floor. "What Jill doesn't know won't hurt her." Amy thought.

That night, Jill was very tired. She barely has eaten any supper and just wanted to take a bath and go right to sleep. She lays her night clothes on the side of the bed and starts a warm bubble bath. She places her bath robe on a rack next to the shower. Once the water is just right, Jill carefully steps into the bathtub. She lays gently in the water and it already starts to relax her body. She leans her head against the tub and closes her eyes. She could fall asleep right now at this moment.

As Jill almost falls asleep in the bathtub. She hears the door to the bathroom open by itself. She removes the wet cloth from her forehead and opens her eyes and then sits straight up. She pulls the shower door open ajar where she can keep an eye on the door. She sees no one enetering the bathroom.

"Amy is that you?"

Jill tries to make herself feel safe when she calls out Jill's name, but she feels even more unsafe when Amy does not answer her. What she did not know is, Amy is in her room watching a movie on her computer, with her surround sound speakers. They are very loud and she does not hear Jill. So Jill rests her worried head again and replaces the wet cloth on her forehead.

For the next couple of minutes, Jill continues to rest and relax in the bathtub. She does not feel herself falling asleep. She does not see the bathroom fill up with so much steam from the heat of the water. Also Jill does not see the heavy wet footprints of Ronnie Glenn walking towards her. She is too relaxed as Ronnie Glenn is now getting closer. He is so close infact that he is standing over her.

Jill again feels someone or something watching her. She is afraid to open her eyes but she does anyway. When she does open them, the lightbulbs above her blink on and off three times. The difference of the light plays badly with her eyes. When they are fully open, Jill does see someone watching her as she bathes. She wishes she had not open her eyes, because now she is seeing a vision of Ronnie Glenn standing over her wearing a cut off t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Jill starts too scream.

"Amy help me! Amy! Please help me!"

Ronnie Glenn, who is not startled by Jill's screams, swings open the two glass doors and grabs Jill by her arms. He yanks her up out of the bathtub and then drags her kicking body to the floor. He drops her where she now lays on the gray rug at the edge of the tub. Jill tries to crawl to the door, but Ronnie kicks the door close with his work boot. Jill crawls back and leans against the bathtub wrapping herself in her arms. Her body is freezing and shaking.


Jill calls for help again and again, but to no avail. She is left in the bathroom alone with the ghost of Ronnie Glenn. At her own defense. Then Ronnie again grabs her by her arms and pulls Jill to her feet. She can barely stand her knees are shaking so bad. She does stand though. She's terrifed of Ronnie Glenn's appearance. His skin is a blueish gray color with dark rings under his eyes. He has a group of maggots crawling out of his shirt pocket. He then looks at Jill for what seems like a long time. Jill screams loudly in Ronnie Glenn's face and her scream deafens his hearing. His eyes and ears start to bleed. Ronnie Glenn throws Jill backwards into the shower glass doors. She feels herself start too fall, but can not catch herself in time. She falls through the glass doors and falls hard into the bathtub. Glass is still shattering above her. She puts up both hands and tries too protect her face.

Ronnie Glenn then picks up a large piece of broken glass laying on the wet floor. He holds it very tightly to the point blood pours out from the palm of his hand. He takes two steps more towards Jill and begins to swing the sharp piece of glass in front of her. He slashes at her forearms causing large gash wounds. Jill continues too scream for help. Finally Ronnie Glenn stops swinging the sharp piece of glass when he watches Jill slowly rise up from the bloody water inside the bathtub. He now takes a couple of steps backwards allowing her room to walk.

Jill is now standing out of the bloody bathtub. She does notice that there is a large amount of her own blood in the tub. She looks at the blood dripping from her hands. She shows her bloody hands too Ronnie Glenn to show him what he has done. He just leans his head to the right looking at Jill. Then Jill's shakey legs finally give way. She falls to both knees, grabbing at Ronnie Glenn's white t-shirt. Using his t-shirt as a towel to wipe her blood. Ronnie Glenn watches as Jill looks at her bloody hands one last time. Then she collapses to the floor. At that moment, Amy opens the bathroom door finds her new roomate laying on the floor with a piece of glass lodged in her back. Ronnie Glenn vanishes the moment Amy opens the door.

Jill is now waking up in the hosptial. At first she thought she was alone. Then she slowly adjust her eyes to the light and looks at her surroundings again. She sees her new roomate sitting by her bedside reading a book. She lays the book on the bed the moment Jill awakens.

"Amy where am I?"

"Jill your in the hosptial, honey you had surgery."

"Will I be okay?"

"Of course you will be okay, you were very lucky."

"Where is he?"

"Where is who Jill?"

"Where is Ronnie Glenn?"

"Now Jill. I told you about Ronnie Glenn, honey he is dead."

"No Amy, he is not dead. He was in the bathroom with me. He attacked me."

Jill did her best too convince Amy that it was Ronnie Glenn who was in the bathroom with her and had attacked her. She knows it is the truth even if Amy wouldn't believe her. Jill moves out of that house the day she was allowed to leave the hosptial. She packs up all her belongings very quickly and then says her goodbye to Amy. That did not stop young Jill from looking for a new place to live. Infact, shortly after her incident, she did find another place to live. She was so excited about it, that she went to see it a day early. When she parks her car at the curb and looks closely at the new house, her eyes opens wide. The new house may have a different address and street number, but every house she now sees looks exactly like 8333 Sunshine Blvd. She takes one last look at the new house then looks at the scars on her forearms and the terrible pain she feels in her back. She just can't shake the image of that house and Ronnie Glenn, so she decides to just drive away.

The End

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