Darkened Silhouette of a Man

by Laura Bartlett

On a darkening, cold and eerie night, there was an old dusty path which was shadowed by huge oak trees. Just beyond the creepy bushes and the rustling oaks there was an old dilapidated bridge which lead to the rigid, abandoned mansion, there out of the tall towered window, was a darkened silhouette of a man. He yearned for strength as he hadn't had power in months to make him feel alive again. The man was pale-faced; red eyed and had teeth as sharp as needles, he had a bony structure like a skeleton. Sunlight, he could not face, he stayed in dark, distant corners and never left the mansion. He lived for the night. No one new of his presence, he is a vampire all alone in the world.

This one unfaithful night, he new it was time, he could feel it in his bones as he shivered with excitement, it was time to hunt for prey. As he left the ancient mansion, he felt delight, he walked in a fast pace over the decrepit bridge and along the darkened path, which lead to a long narrow road, which was quiet and still. He had time to think, time to image sweet pictures of what his prey would look like. He imagined a young beautiful girl, so feminine, so submissive to delicate to touch, long golden locks which she waves about back and forth. He snapped out of the dream and came back to reality. He now knew what he was looking for.

He scurried the streets looking for someone to kill, there was no person in sight, he thought there was no hope; he may well drop down dead. He started to weep and moan with anger, like a child when they are having a tantrum. He lay there on the ground looking up at the night sky, thinking about that perfect girl, with her perfect little world. He heard laughter from a distance, a girlish giggle. He jumped up with excitement, he was full of rage. He ran to the nearest darkened corner, as he watched in a creepy manner, as an innocent little girl said goodbye to a friend. His eyes light up, "this is the one" he said, in an evil, croaky voice. It was the girl in his dreams. She walked past the dingy corner, waving her beautiful hair about her showing her neck in clear view.

It was now his chance to grab her, she was so innocent, so pure and he was so excited, he was going to have a feast. His mouth was watering like a wild beast waiting for his prey; he was so blood-thirsty. He was ready to pounce on her ready for anything to happen. In an instant he sharply leapt towards her, with an enormous evil grin on his face, with his eyes open widely. This beautiful girl looked at the vampire with great fear, she was full of fright, she tried to scream but she struggled to, with the vampire's hand smothering her mouth. He dragged her into a blackened alley, she tried to restrain herself, but it didn't work he was just too strong for her. Now the vampire had got the girl of pure innocence right where he wanted her, all alone where no one in the world could find them.

His mouth widened, as his needle-like fangs grew into an abnormal size, he made a mighty groan, and looked at the girl with a fierce face with his teeth ready to rip at the flesh on her neck. The girl struggled with all might, but she couldn't stop him. She cried out 'please, don't!' she said in a quivering voice, the vampire let out an evil, sinful laugh. The girl's heart was beating faster and faster as he got towards her neck. He yanked on her scraggy, tottered hair which was once beautiful, and seeped his sharpened fangs into a soft piece of flesh in her neck. She let out a humongous scream. He kept on sucking out her blood until she was lifeless, lying on the cold, damp floor. The vampire had never felt so good, as the blood trickled down his throat, it was like heaven to him. He left the girl just lying there; she was no use to him now. So he walked back to the ancient mansion where he will stay there, until its time to strike again.

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