Missus Is in the Shower...

by Matt Triewly



Missus is in the shower as I type this and I'm sitting on the sofa. I'm day off and after the missus has been to the doctor, I'll be driving her off to work. I don't feel like doing much today - maybe a few chores.

Just quickly going to run through the kinky events of last night. After dinner (she cooked me roast chicken as I'd been at work all day) we opted for a relaxed evening and ended up in bed watching Thirteen which is a thriller that's just started on BBC 3 - and from the first episode it looks quite promising. After that I had a trip down memory lane watching some old songs from YouTube; the missus was reading a book on her iPad.

After about an hour we decided to get on with the business - she needs regular 'attention' otherwise she gets bitchy. She also needs it pretty intense and I don't think I disappoint her on that score. So, after both of us stripping off I got down to it: scratching her back, smacking her bum, tickling her. I also smacked her tits, though not that hard, and applied the sandal to her buttocks too. She was screeching and twisting and turning which looks a bit cruel, but it does really turn her on. When I thought she'd had enough I handcuffed her to the headboard and got on with fingering her clit. Whilst I was doing that, I told her that she would be have to face a very hard swat of the wooden paddle to her left buttock soon. On the day of the punishment I would film her shaving her cunt in preparation. The punishment would take place at exactly eight o'clock in the evening and would also be filmed. She would have to strip naked in front of the camera and then kneel down and beg me to show no mercy when I swatted her - it would be administered with full force.

At this point in the story she suddenly arched her back and climaxed.

I then released her from the handcuffs and got her to rub my nipples for a few moments to get me really hard. We then talked about my forthcoming beatings which got me highly aroused. I then mounted and fucked her, but my orgasm wasn't as strong as normal, but that's life - inconsistent!

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