I Take a Good Flogging

by Matt Triewly



Yesterday evening at about half nine I presented myself for a long overdue flogging. Well, I requested one to be honest.

It's been a while since I've been beaten and I was half looking forward to it, half fearing it.

Anyway, I stripped off and set the camera up - I love watching myself being punished - and waited for the missus who had nipped to the bathroom.

When she returned, she had put on her black sleeveless top which is what she always wears now to administer punishment. I guess it's become one of those little ritual things. She also wasn't wearing anything else. That's a pervy thing.

She then asked me if I was ready to which I responded that I was and then lay down on the bed grasping the poles of the headboard. At this point I felt really nervous but also quite excited. I was also aware that it was going to really hurt since she always administers cp with full force - no pain no gain is our motto.

So, it started with ten lashes across the top of my back with each one really stinging. Again, I'd forgotten how unpleasant being whipped is; and the flogger we use is probably not the most vicious one around. The missus then switched to lashing my fat buttocks (I alternately got 10 on my back and 10 on my arse) which was probably even more painful. In fact, I felt like giving up; but of course didn't because 'bottling out' makes me feel a coward. I did resolve to try and take the beating with as little fuss as possible, keeping yelps and twisting round to a minimum. The other thing was that I didn't know how many lashes she was going to give me. I think 300 is the most I've ever suffered. Anyway, it seemed to go on forever and because of the pain I started to sweat profusely especially on my face which was probably as red as my back and buttocks though you can't see that in the vid.

And then she informed it was over. She told me that she had administered 150 strokes which wasn't too bad. She also said that she had stopped because small pinpricks of blood had formed on my back. I'm actually quite pleased when she breaks my skin as it confirms that I have been properly punished.

I then got up and switched off the camera before lying back down on the bed and suddenly realised that I was in a mild state of shock because I was trembling and felt withdrawn, even slightly traumatised; though I don't want to exaggerate that.

I told the missus and she responded that I probably wasn't used to a harsh beating. But I needed it.

So that was last night. More beatings to come. Hopefully.

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