Easy Like Sunday Morning

by Matt Triewly



Easy like Sunday morning.

There you go, I've put you in mind of that great song by the Commodores. I've also put myself in mind of a blog I once wrote a while back too and which I mentioned briefly to a lady yesterday I haven't seen for a very long time. More about that later. Maybe.

Anyway (one of my most used words), I'm sitting on the sofa with my darling wife next to me who is playing a game on her iPad and to be honest we're probably both feeling a little weary as we didn't get back last night till half one. We're not getting any younger either; or rather we don't feel that we are getting any younger. We've got jobs to do this morning but we ain't exactly rushing to do them, so I thought I'd write a blog. Try not to get too excited.

So, not been a bad couple of days, neither of us are working till the new year now which means we can both relax a little. We're not overly worried about money provided I can pick up some work in the next few months; though I did Friday night dream that we'd been declared bankrupt which shows it must be something I worry about.

Talking about Friday night or rather Friday evening, after watching the film Before Sunset we opted for an early night which is code for a bit of nookie - a rather quaint term don't you think. We then both stripped off and I got straight into 'attacking' her as she calls it.

First, I got hold of her and gave her a big juicy snog prior to turning over and smacking her bare bottom quite hard. I also raked my nails up and down her back which brought up some rather delicious scarlet stripes. I hasten to add to she was squirming and squealing all the time. In addition, I was tickling her in between smacking and scratching her.

After a few minutes of torment, I then turned her over on to her back unable to resist the urge to give her tits several hard slaps. Next I pulled her left arm behind her neck and commenced to finger her now rather swollen cunt. I then told her about how I was going to give her the spanking of a lifetime which involved her having to strip in front of the camera whilst confessing to everyone what a bad girl she'd been and how she deserved to be severely punished. The fantasy (which will become a reality one day) continued with me recounting how I would put her over my lap and first spank her bare buttocks with my hand before moving onto the hairbrush and finally utilising the sandal which she finds the most painful of the three.

Needless to say, she didn't take long to come and was soon gasping out and arching her back in ecstasy.

It was now my turn, so I mounted and penetrated her and started to thrust hard and fast whilst she rubbed my nipples. However, for some reason after a few minutes I knew I wasn't going to come and pulled out - annoying. Fucking annoying.

Because of that she then rubbed my nipples whilst I wanked myself off - I was imagining that I'd just been beaten with the wooden paddle and was bent over waiting to be kicked hard in the balls from behind. This is something I am building up courage to actually do in real life.

Anyway (that word again) I soon climaxed and within a few minutes, including a quick cuddle, we were both soon in the land of nod.

That was Friday night. Saturday afternoon turned out to be quite interesting as well.

So, after lunch we decided to go for a drive and ended up in a bar close to the edge of a cliff. The missus is not keen on heights, but I love the location of it. Whilst we were there a large group of individuals dressed in black and red with faces painted began to gather. It turned out they were pagan dancers and were there to celebrate the winter solstice. I hasten to add that I don't really know much about paganism. After a bit one of them announced that they were going to do some dancing and that anybody was welcome to come and look.

I asked the missus if she fancied watching them and she said yes so we trailed down to the carpark close to the cliff edge and watched them perform a few routines. It was windy and a little chilly but otherwise okay. Anyway, whilst there someone called my name out who turned out to be a lady from work who I know is into Wicca. We had a quick chat and that was that. However, I saw another lady, Kay, who I knew from a long time ago. As soon as she saw me, she immediately wandered over and gave me a big hug and a kiss. She introduced me to her partner and in turn introduced her to my missus. After the dancers had finished, I asked her if she and her partner fancied a drink. They did.

Once round the table we had a rather fascinating chat - she's got a doctorate and worked in mental health care pretty much all her life. She's also one of those who is not only very intelligent but also very much an individual thinker which I find stimulating and refreshing since most people, I find, are rather stuck in their ways. But each to their own. As we were chatting I remember many years ago (I used to live next door to her nearly three decades ago) fantasising about her caning me - she was quite pretty then, quite pretty now - with her wearing a sleeveless top since she had very sexy arms which were freckly and a little moley (yeah I know I'm a little weird). At this point I must add that I no longer fancied her, and she probably no longer found me attractive; if she ever did. Besides which I'm totally happy with the missus. But it is funny what you think and what you recall because I'd completely forgotten about that.

Whilst I was playing those images in my mind, we were also having a rather interesting conversation about the subconscious and dreams - she was very much into Jung et cetera.

I then told her that I thought dreams could help us by giving us insights into what our inner-feelings, fears and desires really were. She agreed. I then related her a couple of dreams the first of which was the one in which a voice told me: "You can't win in this life, but you can put off losing for as long as you can."

In the second dream I had found myself confused in a rather surreal and psychedelic place. When I had asked someone in the dream where I was, they had informed me that I was in heaven. I had then further asked: "What's heaven?" The woman had simply replied matter-of-factly: "Heaven is a place where it is permitted for you not to understand."

The 'messages' from those two dreams have stayed with me. I told Kay that too who was quite intrigued.

I then went on to tell her about the time I was with an ex when a phrase had forced itself into my mind: Better to believe in a lie than nothing - I've blogged about this in the past so I won't go on about it but if you're interested I'll dig it out.

However, we then got back to talking about Jung and I asked her if she'd seen the film A Dangerous Method to which she said straightaway: "I just loved that bit where Keira Knightly got spanked."

I responded: "Yeah, we liked that bit too."

There was a very short hiatus in the conversation - I don't remember what we talked about after that...

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