The Spell

by Luis A. Maldonado

"Hear now the words I hid in the night." a female voice covered in black hooded clock. While the rain drips down the window sealed. "The oldest of gods I call you near." lighting one candle at a time.

She sits around with four red candle facing north, south, east and west. "In this night and in this hour I call upon." lighting the other candle with a match stick.

Thunder roars outside the window while the lighting strikes close to it.

"I invoke you to thee" the window shattered by the lighting. The rain in the wind blows it way in to the room. "I want the power. Give me that power." raising her arms in the air with an Athame in her hand.

"I invoke thee," standing up in the middle of candles in front of her. "I INVOKE THEE" a blast of lighting hit her gust of wind blows out the candles and the room went dark.

The bedroom door slowly opens deep in the shadow we see a hooded figure walking out the room. As the figure slowly walks in the hallway daze it stumbles it way in to the bathroom. The figure hands come out of the clock while it looks for the light switch on the wall to turn on the light.

The light form the bathroom comes on the hooded figure lean over the oval sink. Slowly the hands pull down the hood from the clock from to see the figure profile.

While she looks into the mirror all you can see is her green eyes covered by her dark brown wavy hair.

"Did it work?" turn on the faucet. Steam comes out while she turns on the other one also so it could be warm for her. "Please let it work." putting her hands in the warm water bringing it to her face. She pulls her hair back to look at her face in the mirror.

Warm water slowly drips off her face she reaches her towel from the rack that was next to her. She dries her face look deep in the mirror but there was no change in her face just her burn scars that she had dowering her three years of marriage with her ex husband when her apartment caught on fire. Her husband left her when she was in the hospital in Lubbock Texas. For an about a years she was never the same. She tried very thing.

While she turned off the water and places the towel on the rack to dry. She looked into the mirror one last time. "Dame it, I thought this time I knew it would work."

She turns toward the shower and slide the curtain while she turn on the shower head on and closes the curtain for the water won't be all over the floor. She undresses herself and step in to the shower. She stands there with her hands on the tiles while the hot water slides down to her buttocks. Lathering the soap in her hands, washing her silken ivory body from her breast to long feminine legs.

Reaching for the Herbal shampoo lathering her long brown hair. While the water hitting her face she closes her eyes. Just thinking about her face how beautiful it was before the fire. What she didn't realize that while the water hitting her face small pieces of flesh sliding down her face. She turn off the shower head and reaches for another towel. "God I'm hungry" wiping the steam off the mirror with her hands.

"What the hell?" looking close to the mirror. "It...It work, my God it really worked." touching her face.

The burned mark on her face faded down in the drain in the shower. "I can't believe it." crying voice.

She put the towel around herself covering her breast. As she enters the hallway walking toward her bedroom.

The cold wind surrounds her bedroom while she turns on the light. Where she was invoking the power of one of the Goddess was a flat stone Altar that any Wiccans can use. With an Altar cloth surrounding with different kind of herbs to work her spell.

She picks up her spell book off the ground and places on the top dresser drawer. Picking up the candles and the herbs with the stone Alter also in the drawer. She places the crystal ball and put it on the dresser next to her mirror as a display.

"Thank you" smile in the mirror in front of her.

She goes into he walk-in closet pulls out of her pink rose evening gown. Placing it on her bed she pulls out one of her underwear and her braw. As she gets dress she looks into the mirror side to side.

"It time for me to show my face to the world again. To love again." before she could say thing she heard the lighting strike from her broken window.

"I better call Mr. Santos to fix the window." walking toward the window as the winds blows her hair.

Gazing throw the window while all she could see but dark clouds. She walks away she closes the bedroom door behind her.

"Mr. Santos, I'm sorry that I'm calling late but my bedroom window broke and the entire rain coming in." walking toward the sofa. "Yes apartment 9C. Thank you Mr. Santos." hangs up the phone.

She click the television set Jerry Springer is one she had the volume on low while she waited to Mr. Santos to come up stairs. She went in to the kitchen and took out a yogurt from the refrigerator and takes a spoon out of the drawer.

"I can't wait see everyone face tomorrow at the office." taken a spoon fuel of yogurt. Laughing by her self.

There knock at the door. She places the yogurt that she was eating on the glass coffee table clicking off the television and the spoon still in her mouth walking toward the front door. She looks into the peephole and sees Mr. Santos with a Dallas baseball cap with a leaf of plywood in his hand. Big enough to fit her window.

She opens the door. "Thank you coming Mr. Santos. I hope I'm not disturbed you." welcoming him inside. "Not at all," looking up and down at her.

"Call me Dominic, Mr. Santos that my father." smiling at her. Dominic is in his late twenty, with Persian blue eyes. With a nice fit body at she could see throw his white fitted t-shift. "You can call Alison." placing the spoon by the phone charger.

"So witch window is it?"

"My bedroom down the hall."

"Well then let's go see."

She led him toward her bedroom. She open the door the wind was still breezing throws but the rain all ready stop.

"I see..." places the plywood next to window. "Just give me about five minutes and I be done and you can enjoy your night." taking the hammer from his belt.

"Okay then I'll leave you be." turning toward the bedroom door.

"So do you live alone?" putting a few nails on the side of his mouth lifting up the plywood.

"Yeah I do. I like my quite life." leaning up to her dresser.

"I guess." nailing the plywood on the window. "No boyfriend?

"Nope, I'm single I was married once." moving her hair to the side.

"Married? He must have been an ass to leave you." nailing the last nail.

"He left me three ago. But I'm fine." giving him a soft smile.

"I can see that." turning around facing her. "All done." he just looks at her and smiles. "Well I better leave you be.

She walks him toward the front door. "Well it was nice meeting you Alison" give his hand to her.

"I nice to meet you too Dominic. Say hello to your father for me." both shaking hands.

"I will, if you need anything her is number call me okay." he pulled out a card from his wallet she glance at it. "I will thank you again." looking at the card.

"Well have a good night." Dominic walks toward the Elevator press the button and walks in.

Alison watches him leave she closes the door with her back toward it. While she read the card.


Father & Son


508 West Broadway Home: 954-570-5889

Apartment 3A Cell: 954-638-4545

Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

She places the card in top the kitchen bar next to her cell phone. She looked over to the stove where the digital clock flashes the time. It read thirty minuets after midnight. She finishes her yogurt and thrown it under sink where the trash can hide and place the spoon in the sink.

She walk to her bedroom and glances at herself in the mirror looking at her face. Pulling her covers too the side, she was sitting there thinking about Dominic who sexy he looked. Brushing it off out her mind she clicks off the lamp on her light stand. Laying there in her bed resting peacefully a dark figure came out of the shadow walking toward to the foot of the bed.

"Has anyone heard from Alison?" man I black suite pouring him self some coffee. "I tried calling last night but there was no answer." young female mixing her coffee with sugar and cream. "She took a week off because she was doing to see a surgeon." the man in the black suite sitting down next to the other female.

"I hope she okay. I'll just give her call again-." before she could say anything else the Lounge door open up and Alison walks in.

Everyone was stun when she walked in with her hair all fixed up. Black dress that slits down to her cabs of her leg. With her high heals. Caring her small purse with a sliver chain over her shoulders.

Everyone could smell her Passion perfume. She looked like one of those models from a Vogue Magazine.

"Alison you...whew you look great." the female said putting her coffee cup down from her lips.

"Stunning," the man in the black suite said looking at Alison up and down.

"Thank you guys." smile at her employee.

"So they did it. I cant' believe it I'm so happy for you." female said giving Alison a hug. "Thanks I'm happy too." hugging her back.

"I better get back to my desk before the phone ring off the hook." she got her coffee and walk out of lounge to her reception desk. She pick up her head set and take a slip of her coffee and place it on her coffee holder and powered up her computer.

"Stephen and Steve Production, how can I direct you call. One moment please." pressing a button on the control pad to transfer the call.

"Good morning Mr. Stephens" getting his files for him.

"Morning Alison how are you..." he stopped in his tracks at looked at her with smile of lust in his eyes. "You look grand." taken the files from her.

"Thank you Mr. Stephen, you look handsome yourself by the way." walking back to her desk." "Your eleven o'clock today is all set." type on the computer. "The Conference room is all ready for you." looking up at Mr. Stephens.

"Good..." not paying attention what she saying. "Just hold my calls for me." trying to look over her dress.

"Very well sir." giving him seductive smile with a wink.

"And thanks again Alison." smiling back. He walks toward his office and closes the door behind him. He almost had a hard on just by looking at her.

He heard Alison taking calls while powered up his computer. He hooks his jacket off and put on the coat rack and presses the speaker on his desk phone. "Alison can you bring me my coffee and the call sheet." punching in his computer. "On my way Mr. Stephens." over the other end of the speaker.

Alison knocks on her Stephen door and walks in with his coffee and the call sheet that he asks for. "There you go Mr. Stephen anything else." placing the coffee on his desk. "No Alison that would be all." taking the sheet from her hands. "So Alison I like see that the surgery came out well for you." looking at her. "Me too Mr. Stephen." thinking just her life is changing because she invoke some power into her self.

"I be at my desk if you need anything." walking toward the door. He didn't say word just biting on the side of his lip while she walks out of the door.

The hours went by Alison took her lunch. She walked to a small dinner and ordered her a Csar salad. The image of Dominic plagues her mind. The masculine body and the jean he was wearing with the fitted tee that molds his body. That when it came to her to do loves spell on him. She pulled out his card that he given her last night.

She glace at her wrist watch and her lunch hour were almost over. She handed her card to the waiter and signs it and left the dinner. She made it to the office in time. Three hours finally went by. Everyone leaving the office just her and Mr. Stephen was the only one left.

"Alison have a good weekend" carrying his briefcase to her desk. "You too Mr. Stephen." powering off her computer.

"So what your plain this weekend." both of them walking toward the elevator.

"I'm going to have a quite weekend at home"

"I see, you should go out your young."

"I better not I got some this I want to do at my apartment."

The both of them got in and press lobby button. Alison started to search for her keys.

"I know I'm your boss but I want to thank you for everything you do in the office." given her his hand. "I know it not much but what I'm thinking about given you a raise." waiting for her response.

She gives him thank you smile. "Thank you Mr. Stephen I don't know what to say."

"Just say thank you."

"Thank you." shaking his hand.

The elevators door slide open to the lobby. One of the night securities was at Lobby desk. He nodded to the both of them. "Have a good evening." press a button at his desk to let them out. The both of said you to the securities. As they reach the parking lots Mr. Stephen pauses to his car.

"Well Alison I'll see you on Monday."

"You too."



She was alone in the parking lot when she saw a dark figure between the bushes closes to the building. She felt very on ease so she quickly open her car door throw her purse in and started the engine reverse and pulled out of her parking space. Alison sifted it to drive she started too glanced toward the bushes but there was no one there. "I most be going crazy" laughing and talking to herself. She left the parking lot.

I-ninety-five is a killer during the five o'clock rush. It bumper to bumper and Alison is so throw. She couldn't move she was stuck in the middle of a of school bus and big eighteen wheeler. "Come on let go." getting frustrated with the traffic.

She picks up her cell phone. It started to ring and a computer voice answer. "State and City please." computer voice said. "Deerfield Beach, Florida." Alison said looking for an exit to get off the freeway. "What listing please?" computer voice said. "Thorn Book Store." taking the exit to Atlantic Blvd.

While she waited for the number she got a pen. "The number is... area code 954-758-3636." she wrote the number on the palm of her hand. She closes and opens her phone again she started to dial. She went east to Federal Highway and turns left on the light.

"Thorn Book Store how I can help you." a male voice from the other end of the line. "Yes what time do you close?" coming up to red light on Copan Road.

"We close at eight tonight."

"Thank you I'll be there shortly"

"Very well be happy to see you then."

"You're located between Hillsboro and U.S. One?"

"Yes sweaty that correct right by the Public Center."

"Thank you again bye."


She sniped her cell phone close and looking at her clock it was about to six on the dot. She turned on the radio ease her mind because of the traffic before.

She started to think about Dominic again in her mind. How she wanted him to feel his body next to her. So smell the sweat from a hard day of work. She lost track where she was for a moment. Car behind her honked at her for she could move. She started to move again coming up to ten streets.

She started to remember the figure again. Was it a man or was it some creep stocking her. She stared to think to herself it gave her a chill. She pushed the image of the figure out of her mind.

Alison finally pulls up to the little shop. She read the store sign Thorn Book Store. She parked in the parking lot and took a deep breath.

As she walk toward the door a couple came out from the other end. "Welcome." a young man in his early twenty walk up toward her. "How can I help this evening?"

"I need some prevision."

"What kind?"

"I am trying to make a love spell."

"My word. Are you sure you want to do that?"


"Who am I to say? Just that it never works right when it suppose too."

"I have the spell but I need to get some herbs to cast it."

"Very well then just fall me."

Alison fallowed the young man to toward a bookcase full of different herbs in a jar. "Let see you'll need." looking on the first selves. "Rosemary... Wormwood... Passionflower...hold on." looking at the other selves as well.

Alison just stood looking at the Mirror that hanging on the far wall. "I'll be right back." walking away from the young man.

She was glancing herself in the mirror while the young man trying to find the rest of the herbs for her. While see looking at herself a fog surround her it started to form it self into figure that she saw before. Her mouth dropped when she saw it throw the mirror.

The hooded figure slowly brought out his hand close to her shoulder. She stood frozen thinking to herself please don't hurt me. She closed her eyes hoping that the figure would go away. She felt a hand touch and that when she screamed.

"I'm sorry that I scared you." the young man carrying the herbs in his hand.

"I fine... I must of dazed or something." looking back toward the mirror.

"Are you sure?" still looking at her puzzled.

"Yeah I just need some water." looking at her hand shacking.

"Right away." walking toward the counter.

The clerk went to get her a cup of water that when he saw her still standing there scared. Instead of the water he made her a cup of green tea.

"Here you go my lady." handing her the tea cup.

"Thank you so much." taking the cup from him.

"Come sit here for a spell." helping her to a sofa in the fair corner of the store.

"I really a preach at it." sitting down sipping on the tea.

The young man just gave her worried smile while he just left her be.

She finally got herself together. "What the hell wrong with you." shift her hair out of her face. "Nothing there just your imagination that all, just get a hold of yourself

stupid." taking another sips from the cup.

The young man finished ringing up a customer. He walked around the counter toward Alison. "Are you okay." sitting next to her.

"Yes, I'm fine thank you so much for the tea." handing him the tea cup. He takes it from her with a smile. "My pleaser." getting up from the sofa. It took her moment to get herself up from the sofa.

"I got the rest of he herbs for you my lady." putting the herbs on top of the counter. Alison just looked at him with a smile. "Thank you so much."

"Are you sure you want to do it?" looking straight at her.

"Yes." taking out her debit card from her wallet.

"You know that very spell has a price." still ringing up the herbs. "What do you mean a price?" looking at him with puzzled staire. "It's a Wiccans fact that what you do to someone will come back to you three full times." putting the herbs in a brown papper bag with the store logo on it. "I can handle myself." handing him her debit card.

"Will there be anything else."

"No thanks."

"Very well it will be twenty one even." telling her the price before be slide the card. "Okay." agreeing to the price. He handed her debit card back to her while the registor wait to print out the resite.

"There you go." given her the resite.

"If you need anything will be happy to get it for you. We also do special order if you need it. Spell book, crystal, herbs anything you need to cast a spell." looking at her with smile.

"I will, I want to thank you for helping." taken the bag from him. "No problem, thank you for shoping you have a wonderful evening." winking at her with a smile. "You too." she took her purchace and walk out.

It was about eight in the evening when see pulled up to the apartment complex and saw Dominic and his father outside with a broken window. She got out and walked in to the press her card on magnetic pad to open the door.

Before she went to the elevetor she went to open her mailbox all she had was a few bills and some junk mail and her all season fashion magazine. While she waited for the elevator to come down she herd the buzzer from the door and it was Dominic and his father.

"Hello Ms. Miller, we just fixed your broken window in your apartment." the older man said to her. "Thank you very much Mr. Santos." the three walked in the elevator door opned up. Alsion pushed the number nine button. "Will you press the number three for us?" Dominic said checking Alison out.

"We cleaned the broken glass and locked up the place for you." Mr. Santos said fixing his glasses and places it back on is face. "How much do I owe you." pushing the sexal attention of Dominic from her mind. "Nothing the Bradford Apartment pays for the damages." the elevor came up to a atop to the third floor. "That good. I thank you for fixing it for me." both shacking hands. "It are job. Well you have a good night." Mr. Santos walking out of the Elevator. "I'll see you later Alison...have a good night. Turning aroung with a sexy smile that most wemen go gaga over. "Night guys." she said before the door clossed and went up.

"Just wait Dominic I have you the way I want you." talking to her self. She got to the ninth floor. She unlocked her door and flip on the kitchen light. Checking her phone to see if she got any messages but there was known.

She went to the kitchen started to get her some ice water from the side the door of the refrigerator. With her back toaward the the kitchen sink drinking her water. She places the glass in the sink to grabe the bag full of herbs and stormed off with it to her bedroom.

Alsion pulled out her Stone Alter from the top dresser place it on the floor. Taking out her candles red, black and purple. She lines them up close to the Alter. She went to her closet neeling down reaching back in her closet pulling out a bronze looking Cauldron.

Alison place it closed to the Alter and went back in her drwaer and pulled out her Athame and her matches. Alison took her purse and pulled at the bussiness card and took it with the bag of herbs.

Sitting down with legs cross. She took her herbs and started cutting while she was chantting. "I conjure thee," putting the Basil, Woodruff and Angelica into the Cauldron. "I conjure thee." taking the Rosemary and throwing it into the Cauldron. "I'm the Queen." putting the Wormwood in. "You are my bee." putting the Passionflower in the mix.

She lights the candles with a matchbook and took the business card. "Dominic Santos you I desire." burning the edges of the card with the candles. "Be in me, be in me." looking at fire from the card. "As I said so mote it be." she throw the card in the Cauldron. Smokes surround the cauldron when a small wind came throw the room and blew the candles out.

"I hoped it work." before she sad anything else there was a knock at the door.

Alison took he Alter and the candles that she used and throw the into the closet and close the door shut.

"Alison are you home" a male voice from the other side of the door.

"Dominic?" walk toward the door.

"Yeah it me open up."

Alison looked into the peephole. And there he was looking all sexy in her eyes. As she slowly open the door and let Dominic in.

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