The Birthday

by Luis A. Maldonado

"God, can people just leave me alone of all day." walking toward the living room to answer the phone.


"Happy Birthday"

"Thanks mom"

My mom always called on at twelve o one in the afternoon very years to wish me happy birthdays.

"I thought I call my baby on his special day" with a sad voice on the other end of the lined.

Today is my twenty-eighth birthday. Hardly anyone knows it expect most of my friend. I never celebrate because I always spend it alone.

"Mom I better go because I have to take Thorn over to a friends house." lying to her to get her off the phone.

"Okay honey well I love you and Happy Birthday"

"I love to you too take care."


"Bye...." putting the phone back on the hook.

I smiled at my family picture that I had on top of my computer around area. Saw the other picture as well with me and my friends, family, thorn, and most of all my ex boyfriend.

I broke up with a day before my birthday. "I'm sorry John and I do love you." kissing his picture and putting it back on the TV.

I went to take a shower and started to remember how my birthday was just a mess since I was sixteen. I turned off the shower, took my towel, and dried myself off.

"I'm twenty-eight years old." whipping and looking at my self in the mirror. I just stood there looking at myself.

I went to my closet took out my outfit for today. That when I heard my phone again. I was walking toward the living room putting my shirt over my head I finally got it on. I took the phone on it fifth ring.


"Hey Birthday boy." Harry said with excitement in his voice.

"Hey what up are on your way to pick up Thorn?" sitting down on the sofa putting my socks on my feet.

"Yeah I'll be there in ten minutes."

"All right because I have to do things so hurry?"


I hung up the phone and went to get my shoes from the bedroom. Thorn was just sitting there on the bed playing with chew toy. All I could think about how much I love that stupid dog.

I took my backpack and went to get all of toys that he had his dog bowel that I got for him on his birthday. I loved the way it looks a king's crown with fake jewels on the tip with paws print going around it. I washed it for him before I place it in there. And that when I heard a car door. It was Harry.

I opened up the front door. Thorn came from the room and started to jump up on Harry.

"Hey Harry" hugging him.

"So where are you off too." petting Thorn with his stupid cute ass smile.

"No where special. I just need you to take care of him for Me." turning away from him coldly.

"I see, so where John is is he coming later."

"No. we broke up."

"I'm sorry."

"It's cool."

I picked up the backpack off the kitchen table.

"Here are a few things of Thorn's stuff that he have left." handing him the backpack.

He just stood there looking at with a worried look in his eyes.

"Julian what wrong." putting the stuff down.

"It nothing. Just take care of him for me okay." walking toward Thorn.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I'm fine." kneeling before Thorn.

I hugged him tightly whispered in his ear "I love you Thorn. I will always love you." I gave him a kiss and tight hug. That when I almost started to cry but I held it in.

"Here you go Harry." giving him the leash that I had with his name sowed into it.

"Just take good care of him." looking away from Harry.

"I will." clipping the leash on Thorn's collar.

I walked Harry and Thorn out.

"Take cares Harry. Thanks for doing this for me." I hugged him good-bye and kissed him on the cheek.

Harry did not know what was going on he stood there looking back at me wondering what are you up too Julian. He got in his car I could see Thorn in the backseat. I waved them both byes. And sent a kiss to Thorn he looked at me with his sad eyes. That when they both left.

I took a deep breath, took my coat, and locked the front door. I walked to the backyards, went to the storage building, and took the gas can.

"Shoot its cold" zipping up my coat.

I left the backyard and started to walk to the gas station that is about four blocks a ways. The cold wind froze my face I took the carmex and put some on my lips for that would not chap.

I place the gas can outside as I went inside to pay for some gas. Before I did went threw ales searching until I found what I was looking for. I took a box of small birthday candles and those Debbie's cupcakes that comes two in a pack. I walked up to the counter and place the stuff the on top of it.

Young women no more then about her early twenties took the items.

"Found everything okay." with a cute smile I wont forget.

"Yeah." watching her ring up the stuff.

"Would there be anything else?"

"I need about five dollars worth of gas for my gas can." taking my wallet from my back pocket.

"Is that all for you." press the gas machine.

"Nope that all." giving her my debit card.

"It's going to be seven thirty-eight"

"Very well" watching her slide my card.

The recite printed it self out and I signed it and took my small bag and thank her. I took my gas can and went to the pumps. While I waited for the can to fill I just standing there looking at the people going in and out the store. I put the hose back on the hook and closed up the gas can and left.

I walked up to my house and stood there with the gas can and my bag gazing at the house. I just took a long deep breath and walk toward the front door unlocked it and went inside.

I check my phone to see if I had any messages there was one on the machine. I press the button. It was John.

"Julian sweaty I love you and that I miss you. I hope to her from you soon. Happy Birthday I love you. Bye." the machine click off.

I made myself some dinner. And sat there thinking that I miss everyone but I my time to go. I set at the kitchen table by the window waiting for the sun to set. I started to clean the dishes.

When I was finished, I dried my hand with the dishtowel. I had my back toward the sink looking at the gas can buy the front door. I looked at the kitchen clock it was about six thirty and the sun was staring to set.

I place the towel on the dry rack and took the gas can and went outside. I took the top off and started to splash the gas around the whole house and made a trail to the front door. I throw the gas can to the side and walk back inside the house.

I took a plate and took it to the table by the window. I went to the hallway closet and took out lighter fluid and sprayed it on the front door front and back. I lock the front door. I started to cry.

I saw my photo of everyone and I told them good bye. I went back to the kitchen and took one of the cupcake out of the rapper and place it on the plate. I took one of the birthday candles and throw the rest in the trash. I place it on top of the cupcake. I went to find my Zippo lighter. I found it.

I set down in front of the cupcake. I wiped the tears from eyes.

"Here we go." trying to light the lighter.

"Happy Birthday Julian." lighting the candle.

The Zippo was still lit as I looked at the cupcake. I started to look around that when I throw the Zippo. I saw the front door catch on fire. I watch the house turning into red-orange color. I watch the living room burning up. I sat there watching the fire watching everything burning in front of me.

"Happy Birthday to you." As I blow the candle out.

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