The Destiny of King John

by Patrick L. Brice

"If any of you want to forsake Satan and follow God, come unto me. I King John Zechariah am sent from God to save you." These were the words of John Zechariah the head minister and leader of the Divine Flock of God, a church with many followers of King John. Tonight King John is having a special service to induct new members into his church. There are three to be inducted in tonight. "Your soul will be at rest now that you have given yourself to God", said King John as he baptized the three new members.

King John's wife, Sarah, stood in front of the mirror in their bedroom brushing her hair before going to bed. John entered the room. "That was a good service you led this evening", said Sarah to her husband. "I believe we have three committed new members." John stood staring at his wife. "What's wrong my King?" "I don't feel like you're fully supporting me Sarah." "What do you mean by that my King? I've always supported you. The entire twenty years of our marriage." "Over the last few years you haven't." "That is not true John." "So what is this?" said John as he showed his wife a small booklet. The booklet was from a women's missionary program that was involved in helping battered women. "I got it from my sister", said Sarah. "I forgot I had it, I was intending to throw it away." John then grabbed his wife by the hair. "Are you trying to leave me Sarah? I will kill you if you do. You will love and support your King to the fullest or you will die." John pushed his wife to the floor. He then stood over her and with his fist punched her several times. John then left their home. Sarah now lay on the floor unconscious. Sarah has suffered beatings from her husband throughout their marriage. Within the last few years the beatings have come more frequent. Her husband was now beating her at least twice a week.

The next morning Isaac, John and Sarah's sixteen-year-old son, sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Isaac wondered why his parents hadn't come down for breakfast. He went up stairs to his parents' bedroom. Their bedroom door was closed so Isaac knocked and called out to his parents. "Mother, Father are you there?" He gently pushed open the bedroom door. Isaac found his mother lying in the floor where she had been left the night before after being beaten by his father. "Mother are you ok? Mother!" Isaac then called an ambulance. Sarah was rushed to the emergency room.

"How's my mother doctor?" "She'll be ok, although she does have a concussion. Do you know what happened to your mother?" said the doctor to Isaac. "No I don't doctor." Isaac's father then walked in. "Father the doctor says that mother has a concussion." "She'll be ok Isaac", said John. "Mr. Zechariah, do you know what happened to your wife? She's been badly beaten." "I'm not sure doctor; I was visiting one of the members of my church who was having some problems. I was gone all night." "We do have to notify the police whenever an assault victim comes in." "I understand doctor." John and Isaac stood in the room with Sarah watching as she awoke. "Mother what happened?" "I'm ok son. Where am I?" "I found you lying in the floor of your bedroom. I called an ambulance and they brought you here. Do you remember what happened mother?" "Isaac don't worry about me, I'm ok." "Sarah, the police are coming to talked to you about what happened. Do you want me to speak to them?" said John. "If you want John, but what if they want to speak to me? What should I tell them?" "Mother you should tell them who did this to you. Don't you agree father?" "Isaac we are not to let the police get involved in our family situations. God is the only one who should be involved." "Did you do this father?" "Son I've always told you that sometimes a man has to do things that are not of his own will, but of Gods. Especially when it comes to the discipline in his household. I am the leader of my household and God holds me responsible for keeping an orderly home." "Did you beat my mother?" "Yes I did. It had to be done. Your mother sometimes forgets her place and I have to remind her of that. That is my job as a husband, a father, and a man." "Father this is assault." "Isaac, I had to be brutal in order to get my point across. I didn't want to do it but I had to. Sarah, tell your son so he understands." "Isaac your father did what he believes is right. If your father says its Gods will then so be it." "What are you going to tell the police?" said Isaac to his mother. "Your father will speak to them." There was a knock on the door. "Come on in." said John as he opened the door. "I'm Detective Mark Jones. How are you folks today?" "We've had better", said John. "Can I talk to you outside detective?" said John. John and the detective stepped outside the hospital room. "My wife wants me to handle this. She doesn't want to talk to the police." "I have to talk to her since she's the victim." "I understand that but she doesn't want to talk to you." "Well I need to here that from her." Detective Jones walked back into the room. "What's your full name maim?" "Sarah Zechariah." "So what happened?" "Nothing happened detective." "So how did you get all the bruises on your face?" "I don't have anything to say. You're just wasting your time detective." The detective and John stepped back outside the room. "So what do you have to say?" asked the detective. "All I can tell you is that my son found her this morning around 7:30am." "So where were you?" "Well that's none of your business." "An assault with serious injury is my business." "I left last night at about 10:00pm to visit one of my church members who was having some problems." "What kind of problems?" "That's strictly between me and my church member." "Where was your wife when you left." "She was getting ready for bed." "And your son was where?" "He had already gone to bed." "I need to talk with your son alone." "The only way you'll speak to my son is if I'm present." Isaac was called outside the room by his father. "Did you here anything last night Isaac?" "No sir. I went to bed at about 9:00pm. I got up at 6:30am and ate breakfast. I noticed my parents hadn't come down for breakfast so I went up to their bedroom. That's when I found my mother lying on the floor." "Did you see your father leave last night?" "No sir. When I went to bed they were both downstairs in the living room." "And you are sure that you heard nothing last night?" "That's what he said detective", said John. "Did you wake up any time during the night Isaac?" "No I didn't." "Thank you Isaac. You can go back in with your mother." "Well looks like you're done Detective Jones." "No sir I'm not. You see I have a personal thing against family violence Mr. Zechariah." "What do you mean family violence? Are you suggesting that I assaulted my wife?" "Let's just say that I haven't ruled you out as a suspect King John Zechariah." "So you know me detective." "I've heard of you and it hasn't always been a good report." "God is my only judge detective. What I do is all through God's will. What you think of me does not matter. I am a chosen vessel of God. You should come to my church and here some real truth. I could show you the truth about how a real man of God should conduct himself." "You mean like beating on your wife." "I discipline my home the way in which God leads me." "There is nowhere in the Bible where it says a man should beat his wife", said Detective Jones. "But it does say that a man should be the spiritual leader in the household and should run the household in order that it pleases God", responded John. "Not by treating his wife like a second-class citizen. You see I study the Bible too Mr. Zechariah and in Colossians 3:19 the Apostle Paul says: "Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them." "Don't quote scriptures to me detective, you're nothing but a pitiful public servant. As I said before, God is my only judge." "He will surely judge you one day Mr. Zechariah. Your church members and your family may believe in what you teach, but I know it's wrong and so does God. I should put you in handcuffs right now." "And charge me with what?" "Aggravated assault, you've just about admitted to assaulting your wife." "Even if I admit to the assault, without a signed confession you don't have a case. Not to mention, my wife won't testify against me." "So did you assault your wife?" "I discipline my home the way God leads me to." "Did you assault your wife?" shouted the detective. "Yes I did. It was in order to keep a good home in the eyes of the Lord." "You're under arrest. Turn around and put your hands behind your back." John was arrested and taken to jail.

John Zechariah sat inside a holding cell for over an hour. He was later given a chance to make a phone call. He spoke to Isaac over the phone. "Isaac, I want you to call Brother Simon and tell him where I am. Tell him to use the church emergency funds to bail me out." "Yes father", said Isaac. Simon Alexander was John's associate minister and his most trusted follower. He arrived at the jail and posted bail for John to be released from jail. "Thank you Simon for coming and getting me out", said John as he and Simon walked out of the jail. "So what were you being held for John?" "Aggravated assault." "Who did you supposedly assault?" "Last night I had to deal with Sarah because she got out of line. As a result of me setting her strait, she went to the hospital for a concussion." "Is she ok?" "Yeah she's fine." "Your wife knows her place and she would never file charges", said Simon as he and John got into his car and drove away. "It's not Sarah who is responsible for getting me arrested. This disrespectful cop who came to talk to us arrested me." "Did you admit to assaulting Sarah?" "I explained to him how a man should discipline his home but without a signed confession or a statement from my wife the case will be dropped." "Sarah is a believer in what is taught in the church. There is no way she would give a statement and file charges." "Yeah but that cop needs to be set straight. He actually tried to quote scriptures to me." "What should we do?" "We will handle this through the will of God. It is my destiny to lead my people in the way God tells me to. Anyone who tries to tell me how to run my church and family will feel the wrath of me and God."

Sarah was admitted into the hospital for overnight observation. Later that night her younger sister Monica came by to see her. "Sarah, it's me Monica. Isaac told me what happened." "Did he tell you everything?" "Yes he did. He told me John assaulted you and he was arrested. He also told me that you would not tell the police anything."

"Monica, we believe that God is our only judge." "So then you should let your husband kill you right?" "John feels that God wants him to run his home a certain way. He teaches that to the congregation and the congregation agrees." "Your husband is sick. He is beating you up and believes this is what God wants. God would never allow a man to beat his wife." "He has been the leader of a successful church. Every year our membership grows. We've got so many members now that we're about to build a bigger church. If he isn't being led by God, then why is he so successful? Why hasn't God kept the church from growing if this is all wrong?" "Satan, not God, is leading your husband. This world we live in belongs to Satan. That is why he is so successful. And one day God is going to have enough of this and your husband and his teachings are going to perish." "What do you want me to do Monica?" said Sarah as she began to cry. "He's my husband. He said he would kill me if I didn't support him." "If you stay with him he's going to kill you Sarah. It used to be yelling. Then he started grabbing you. It then became a slap here and there. Now he's beating you continuously. Let me help you Sarah." "I'm so scared. I don't know what to do." "You used to be a strong independent person Sarah. When we were younger, I looked up to you. Now you're letting this monster run your life and tell you what to do. I never thought my big sister would let someone run over her. You need to get away from him. I can take you to a secret shelter where he won't find you." "I can't stay in a shelter forever Monica and what about Isaac? I don't want Isaac to become a woman beater. That's the main reason I've stayed with John, for my son's sake." "File for divorce Sarah." "The Bible says not to divorce unless one or the other commits adultery." "Open your eyes Sarah. Anyone with good sense can see your husband is sleeping with other women and has been for a long time." "One of the beliefs of our church is that a man doesn't have to be committed to just one woman." "Oh come on Sarah!" shouted Monica. Sarah continued to cry. "I'll take you to the shelter. You can stay there until you're ready to do what's necessary." "Ok", said Sarah.

The next morning John and Isaac came to the hospital and took Sarah home. John later left the home. Monica came by and helped Sarah pack to take her to a secret shelter. "Where are you taking my mother aunt Monica?" "I can't tell you that Isaac. It's a secret shelter for battered women. Your mother is in danger." "Son, I can't do this anymore. Your father is wrong about a lot of things he teaches." "What about our family mother? If you leave you'll be breaking up our family." "Do you love your mother Isaac?" "Of course I do Aunt Monica." "Then I'm sure you would want her to be safe." "I don't agree with him mother. Let me come with you." "I'm sorry Isaac but the shelter doesn't allow children over thirteen years old, unless they're in danger too." "Couldn't they make an exception this one time Monica?" "No but I tell you what; you can come and stay with me and your uncle James. Is that ok Isaac?" "Would I get to see my mother?" "Yes you will." "Ok, I'll go pack." Monica took Isaac to her home and then took her sister to the secret shelter.

John later came home and found his wife and son gone and most of their clothes missing. John immediately went to Monica's house. "Where's my family?" said John as he bang on the front door of Monica's home. James, Monica's husband, open the door and came out on the porch. "I know your wife is behind this", said John. "First of all you lower your voice when speaking to me", said James. "I won't tolerate it." Monica and Isaac then came out on the porch. "Isaac where's your mother?" "She's at a place where you can't hurt her father." "I took Sarah where you'll never find her until she is ready to see you", said Monica. "Come on Isaac we're going home." "I'm staying here with Aunt Monica and Uncle James." "You are coming with me now!" shouted John. "No father. I don't agree with what you teach. It's not right." "You will do what I say or I will kill you." John then grabbed Isaac by the neck. James then grabbed John and threw him to the ground. "Its time for you to leave", said James. John stood up and stared at his son. "Leave now or I'll make you leave," said James. "You will feel the wrath of me and God. No one interferes with my family." "Is that a threat?" said James as he stepped off the porch and walked towards John. John then ran to his car and left.

That evening John called an emergency meeting at the church. Members of the church board attended which included King John and eleven other men. "The Devil has gotten to my family. We will show Satan that he is not to come between God and any of his people." "What are we going to do John?" asked Simon who was one of the board members. "First we will deal with that cop. He started this whole thing. Then my wife's sister and her family will be dealt with. While we are taking care of that, I need one of the female members of the church to try and find out where this secret shelter for women is." "King John, one of the men called out, what do you mean when you say we will deal with them?" "They will die. I am prepared to kill for God and all of you should be also. It is my destiny to lead people who want to be lead. Those who choose to forsake God will die. I am God's chosen one." "Even your family John?" said one of the men. "If they choose to follow Satan they must die. And as you can see they have chosen that path." All the men agreed with John.

At around 11:00pm, Detective Mark Jones received a call at his home from the police dispatcher. "Detective Jones I received a call from a pay phone at the 11th street Market. It was something to do with a case you are working", said the dispatcher. "Did they give a name?" "No sir they just said that it was urgent. Do you need directions Detective?" "No maim I know where it is." Detective Jones awakened his wife and told her where he was going. "Mark I don't feel good about this. Something's not right." "I'll be ok sweetheart. Go back to sleep and don't worry." "Mark I think you should wear your vest." "I'll be ok. It's just someone who wants to talk about a case I'm working." The detective kissed his wife and left. Detective Jones pulled up to the 11th street Market. He noticed someone standing in front of the market. The person began waiving at him. "Are you Detective Mark Jones?" said the man. "Yeah, you need to talk to me?" Detective Jones then put his car in park. At that moment a car pulled up and stopped in front of Detective Jones' car. Four men got out of the car. The four men along with the man who stopped Detective Jones pulled out shotguns and open fire on the detective, hitting him in the upper portion of his body several times. All five of the men then left leaving Detective Jones slumped over in his car.

King John and six of the men from the church pulled up to Monica and James' home. They crept round about the house in the darkness of night planting several pounds of explosives and flammable liquids. They then drove away. After driving a few blocks, John pulled out a small black box with a red button. With one push of the button the home of Monica and James exploded and began to burn to the ground.

Later that night John received a phone call from Sister Joan Davis. Joan, who was also one of John's mistresses, had found the shelter where John's wife had been staying. Joan went to the police station earlier that night and pretended to be in fear of her husband. Thinking she was in danger, the police escorted her to a secret shelter, the same shelter that Sarah Zechariah was staying. The shelter was secluded in the hills away from the city. John and the other eleven men met Joan down the road from the shelter. "Are you sure she's in there?" asked John. "Yes I saw her." "Did she see you?" "No, once I got there I immediately began looking for her. When I saw her, I left to call you." "Ok, we're going to do the same as we did to her sister's home but we're going to use more explosives." John and his faithful followers assembled themselves in front of the property to carry out their mission.

The next morning after sunrise Sarah awoke. She walked to the window of the room she had been sleeping in. As she looked out on to the front lawn of the shelter she screamed. Sarah ran downstairs to the night aide who was waiting for her day relief to arrive. "Did you see what's on the lawn", said Sarah to the aide. The other women from the shelter came out of their rooms when they heard Sarah screaming and yelling. Sarah along with the aide and the other women went outside to the front lawn. John, Sarah's husband, was lying on the front lawn dead. There was no one else around.

The police had received several calls that morning of several men walking around yelling and screaming as if they were insane. The police picked up eleven men and one woman that morning that were thought to be going insane. They were all taken to an insane asylum to be evaluated. The eleven men were the board members of King John's church. The woman was Sister Joan Davis.

Detective Jones awoke in a hospital bed that morning. His wife Jennifer stood next to his bed along with two uniformed police officers. "Are you ok Mark?" asked his wife. "Yeah I'm fine." "Mark what happened?" "I was ambushed by several men with guns. I was able to come to and call for help on my radio. I didn't get a good look at the men." "The doctor said you received several shots to the chest and arm but the only serious injury was to your arm. I saw you leave without putting on your vest Mark." "I did leave without putting it on. A couple of blocks away from the 11th street Market I pulled over and put my vest on. I thought maybe I should listen to my wife. You're usually right about a lot of things. I figured maybe you're right about this, so I pulled over and put it on."

Just down the hallway from Detective Jones lay Isaac asleep in a hospital bed. Monica and James stood by waiting for the doctor. Late last night Isaac came down with a stomach virus and was brought to the hospital by his aunt and uncle. "Your nephew is going to be fine", said the doctor. "I'm going to prescribe him some medicine. Make sure he takes the medicine and don't give him any solid food for the next couple of days." "Thank you doctor", said Monica. James, who is also a firefighter, received a page. James called the phone number on his pager. It was his lieutenant from the fire station. "Hey, where are you?" asked the lieutenant. "I've been at the hospital all night with my nephew. He has a stomach virus." "We're at your house right now. It's been burnt to the ground and I can see signs of explosives."

A few weeks later Detective Jones went to see Sarah and Isaac. "I'm sorry Detective for the way I acted the first time we spoke. I was just so afraid. I knew when he got the chance he would kill me." "Well he's dead now Mrs. Zechariah." "So has the medical examiner said what the cause was?" "A heart attack." "John never had any heart trouble." "A sister from your church found you. That's how he knew where you were. She pretended to be an abused woman and was brought to the shelter. There was an attack on your sister's home and me in the same night. You were next. We found the same kind of explosives on your husband that were used on your sister's house. A car was found up the road from the shelter that showed to be registered to Simon Alexander. He was one of the men found the next morning by police and taken to the insane asylum. In his car was the same kind of explosives found on your husband and used on your sister's house. Also there were several shotguns. The guns were tested and were the same guns that were used on me when I was ambushed." "So what do you supposed caused them to go insane?" asked Isaac. "All we could get from them for the last few weeks is screaming and yelling, although I got a call today from the asylum. It seems as though Simon has snapped out of it. I'm going to go see if I can talk to him." Detective Jones arrived at the asylum an hour later. He spoke to a doctor that had been evaluating Simon. "So what's the news doc?" said the detective. "He seems to be ok. He knows his name and even seems to remember the night before he was found by police." "Did he say what happened." "Yes he did and you need to here this." Detective Jones went into the room where Simon was being kept. "Simon Alexander, I'm Detective Mark Jones." "Yes, I know who you are." "Can you tell me what happened that night?" "I sure can." "Start from the beginning." "We met at the church and King John told us what needed to be done. I wish I could go back to that night and walk out on him. He is a sick man." "Well he's a dead man now." "Are you serious?" "Yeah, he was found on the front lawn of the shelter. You didn't know he died?" "No, I thought he had gone nuts like the rest of us. I guess it killed him." "What killed him Simon?" Simon paused for a few seconds. "After he told us what we were going to do we split up. I and four of the other men went to kill you. I was the one that called the dispatcher and was also the one who waived you down in front of the market. I'm sorry Detective. After John and the others took care of his sister in law's house, we met at the shelter. As we stepped on to the front lawn we saw a figure." "What kind of figure?" "It looked like a person. It was glowing. It was actually beautiful. It then grew to about twenty feet tall. It was still beautiful and was still glowing. It had the most beautiful face and eyes. It then looked as though it was getting angry. Its eyes became dark as the night and now it wasn't glowing and wasn't beautiful at all." Simon then began to shake nervously. "No, no" he shouted. "It then opened up its mouth and screamed out the most horrific sound I have ever heard in my life. I can still here it. Help me please! Make it stop. I can't stand it!" Simon continued shouting. The other followers of King John then began screaming and could be heard throughout the asylum. Detective Jones and the doctor stepped outside the room. "Do you believe that doc?" "I don't know Detective." The detective then left.

Detective Mark Jones didn't speak to many people about the case but he kept in contact with Sarah and Isaac. King John Zechariah's church became abandoned and was finally torn down. Most of the members of the Divine Flock of God left town never to be heard from again.

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