Weird Dream

by Pandorah Raeann


I don't eat before bed because it triggers my sleepwalking and nightmares for some reason.


I was running through my house but all the windows and furniture was gone just long hallways freshly painted

I had this constant feeling that some one was chasing me as I ran through what felt like waist deep water

I coasted around corner after corner getting nowhere and this feeling like I couldn't breath was irritating


I finally stopped to face the racing figure to only be confronted by this large humanoid that was made entirely outta drift-wood

the thing calmly grabbed my left arm snapping it with its grip and before i could scream its whole body slammed into me pinning me to a crumbling wall


it pinned my non broken arm painfully above my head while the things other grew long burnt branches that coiled tightly around my throat

the air around me changed into the sent of a flooded basement fulling my nose the sickening smell of water, damp carpet and mold

before my dream self blacked out the creature spoke to me only with the sound of TV static


I woke up

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