Dream Big

by Sean

I find myself flying through enemy territory. There are two other planes along side me. Our target is a main tank factory a few miles ahead. The dense jungle below hides everything. Out of the jungle below comes Anti-Air gun fire. My planes left engine explodes with a roar. My partner and I get our parachutes on as quick as possible. We both jump for our lives. His parachute opens with no problem, but my doesn't seem to open. I look down and realize that even if it opened it would not help. On the ground enemy soldiers begin shooting at me. Luckily none had hit me. My partner slowing floating down, above my head gets hit in the chest and shoulder. He would be dead in a matter of minutes. Almost to the ground, I close my eyes hoping the other two planes would succeed in the mission. Everything goes silent.

I open my eyes, I am laying on the beach. Looking around, I find myself laying next to the most amazing girl. Seeing her makes smile. She leans up and turns to me. She asks me with a whisper, would you like to go for a quick swim? I reply by shaking my head, yes. We slowly walk down to the water next to each other. The water give me a chill. I ignore it, not knowing what was about to happen. We are in up to our neck. Our eyes staring at each other. The water is calm around us. Not noticing that were not alone, a dark figure from under the water grabs my leg. Pulling me deeper and deeper, I struggle to get free. When I finally do, I am almost out of breathe and nowhere near the surface. Before making it to the surface, I run out of air. Everything becomes dark.

Just like before, when I open my eyes I am in a different place. I am in a dark gloomy room. I am sitting in a rocking chair staring into a blank T.V. screen. I know there is nothing there but can't help but keep my eyes on it. A loud crackling noise comes from outside. Jumping when I hear it. I scramble to a window on the opposite side on the room. Push the curtains away and see fireworks going of a few blocks away. They light up the night sky. Relieved, I walk back over to my chair. I fall hard back and start rocking. Three men quietly come through the door behind me. The first two hold me down while the other puts a bag over my head. I am able to push one of them off me but the second is to strong. I suffocate after a minute or two.

This time when I open my eyes everything is still dark. I see a light but when I trying running towards it It continues to get further away. Falling to my knees, with my hands over my eyes. I feel water on my leg. I remove my hands from my face.

In front of me is the beach from before. I quickly turn around looking for the girl. She is standing behind me, she has tears in her eyes. Rushing over to her, I hug her. She does the same back. While hugging I feel a sharp pain in my back. She steps away from me. I fall to the ground. As I lie there, I turn my head in her direction. I calmly ask her why she did it? All she says is, it was you or me? My head drops to the sand. She reaches down to gently close my eyes.

I wake only to find myself back in my own bed. I lay there thinking of what just happened.

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