The Story Teller

by Serena

i once meet a stanger who told me a story ill never forgethe told me how he lived his life without a care in the world.He said girl i wake up everyday with a new thought in my mind You dont go though life without regets you dont fear without the mind but you cant cry without the pain but you cant get by without the power off will to learn to forgive and forget As he told his story i give a little laugh coz in the sillyist way he was right with that it made me relise,with the story that he told a life without cares is a fairy tail like the ones in a made up book coz they all have happy ending there the ones to give u hope But our futures are not written nothin set in stone theres allways a long road ahead.The point to his story life may sometimes be uneasy but as long as you are free to live everyday as its your last lets face it theres no point worrying about the past Well i guess you no his story all tho some words dont unfold you make your own happy ending somethings should be left untold.This is how my story ending coz everyone has there own story to tell mine i think the stranger right the world may not be perfect nor the fairy tail we all seek but this mad world has its moments for as long as there last so if ever your a little down.Just think of the story teller and smile,a remainer that theres allways tomorror as long as you keek trying.

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