Story Idea (Rough Copy)

by Topsy Kretts


Just AN Idea not sure if ill continue

The day I tried to kill myself

I just turned 30 and so far had never been in an accident nor did I take risks with my life

wasn't doing much with my life fought through bouts of depression so on my birthday I decided it was time

I live in an apartment complex, you can only get to the roof is by using the stairs

I stood on the ledge and without thinking I threw my self off where I plummeted 40 story to the ground below

wasn't much people out at 3am so I was pretty much alone when I hit the ground with a sickening thud landing on my hip mostly my body crumpled at the base of the building

Minutes later my bones and skin slid back in to place my heart started beating again I took a deep breath as my burst lungs have healed I got up on my hands n knees spitting blood and broken teeth on the pavement new teeth grew into-place instantly

I stood

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