The Dark Awakening

by Shanley Spence

One night I woke up, in the middle of the night. I could hear the harsh winds outside my frosted window, as I sit and stare, shivering. I get up, using my tense muscles to lift my body off of the bed. A cold, painful shock runs through my body as my bare feet meet the cold hardwood floor. I do not reconize my surroundings and I become frightened with my unknown world. I walk steadily towards the haunting door, staring visously at the rusted knob. My quivering, sweaty hand comes closer and finally greets the door. With a creaky, rusted turn, the door opens. I squint into the blankness ahead, trying to get a sense of where i might be. I walk into the open area and the door shuts behind me. As i walk into the dark, gloomy abyss in front of me, the door starts to fade away and move farther and farther off. Suddenly, I feel a cold draft and a huanting whisper says, "The secret lies in the pit of darkness." A chill runs up my spine and all of the muscles in my body go tense and i am not able to speak or move. I try to talk but my mouth doesn't open, I try to walk but my legs stay locked. I'm trapped, forced to look at the dark world I am enclosed in. I stand there, weak and shivering in my short nightgown. I try to decode the message that i have heard and i try to figure it out in my tempered mind. All of a sudden i start getting flashbacks from my painful past. I can see my mother; she's pale and grim, lying in her bed, dead. It then moves and i can see my father, holding a kinfe to his breast, then I, as a small girl yell, "daddy, daddy, please don't do it!" Both of us sobbing, my father cannot bear his life without my mother, and he does it. My mind and my heart are in pain from witnessing my painful experiences once again. I sob out in sorrow and i begin to fall down in this dark never ending world. My body loose, no longer cold. I hit the bottom and a shock fills my body. I stand up and look into the darkness. All of a sudden i see two black figures standing in the distance. I become frightened, as i try to get a better look at them. I walk, slowely towards the haunting figures. A disturing encounter i walked upon and witnessed. Standing there, in front of my frail body, stands my mother and father staring into my eyes. My mother is pale and looks terribly thin. My father is bleeding from the wound in his chest. I collapse and break down, sobbing and afraid to look into their deathly faces. My mother comes towards me and places her hand upon my shoulder. Her penetrating touch warms my body with prosperity. My father comes forth and tells me, "everything will be okay, embrace your heart and flourish it with passion, move on and be free." My mother stands, they clasp their hands and they fade away. My reality world slowly fades back. I'm in my room once again and I am able to familiarize myself with my surroundings. My pulse heaves and my face is covered in pure tears. Now i realize that the daunting voice was telling me that the secret to reawakening my heart was deep down in that dark pit of my life where my mother and father sat and waited for along time.

My heart is no longer a dark, blurred dwelling. It is free and open for love. I am now able to move on and can forget about my painful past. From this experience, i now know that my mother and father are peaceful in the other world and my heart is no longer trapped in the past.

This was a story of a young girl. She recently passed away, she took her own life on a dark September night. She now lives with her mother and father in the other world, but the question is, is she still out there, waiting in the dark, eerie abyss?

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