The Phantasmic Stillborn of Lake Avenue

by Bryce Poland


A young man finds out the truth when he encounters something terrifyingly inhuman from the Lake in his town.

Reality is beyond shattered for me. No, not just me, not just for those who dare venture through Lake Avenue after the darkness has killed the light that we believed would save us all, but of the entire human race who contain ignorance of their insignificance. If you wish to keep your harmless, sugar coated lies about your existence, you wouldn't dare make the same mistake I made. Going to Lake Avenue was beyond a mistake. Everything is "beyond" for me. For this thing that I wish had been kept away unknowingly, has mentally killed me and I fear that soon my life really will end. Before my time runs out for me, I want to tell you what occurred that evening. No! I need to tell you what happened that evening that will end your ignorance yet destroy you in the end.

I am currently a high school student, but that is totally unimportant. My friends, us being teenagers of course, offered to pay me $300 from each of their allowances to walk down the muddy beach of Lake Avenue. I asked them why dared to do something that seemed so simple yet random, and they told me that an eight year old boy had sneaked out of his house while his parents were asleep and had walked down the muddy beach at Lake Avenue when the night had taken over. The news reports claimed that his body was found the next day and it appeared that he had died of fright. I asked them what made them think he died of fright, and my friend Paul showed me a picture on his phone from news' website. I looked at the picture taken of the boy when he was found and I zoomed up on his face. The expression on his face was none I had seen on any sane human being. The zoomed up picture of the dead boy's face sent a chill that rotated around my neck. It almost felt like I was being choked. Paul asked me if I was alright. Normally I was a big liar and never told anybody how I really felt, but I responded with a "No". Paul gained an unsettling look on his face as well. "Yeah, I was pretty freaked out when I saw the kid's face in the picture." Paul said. Paul's unsettling look on his face then morphed into a smirk. "But hey, if you don't want the $300 that we've all worked very hard to earn, just say so." I hated myself that day I told them I would do it.

To this day, I still don't why in God's name I said yes. I really should've said no. I really should've. I thought nothing bad would happen to me if I went to Lake Avenue after dark. After all, I was to old to believe in superstition. But that doesn't excuse what I did. Oh God, I know my sanity is dying. But before my existence ceases, I have to tell what happened. It's not for the death of humanity, nor is it for the good, but I have to tell you. I sneaked out after my parents had fallen asleep. I left the house quietly so they wouldn't hear me venture to my death. I drove my car all way to Lake Avenue. I parked in the parking lot right next to the beach. There wasn't any light in the sky. It seemed the clouds had covered the moon. It was pitch black. I pulled out my phone to use it's flashlight accessory. I started to walk along, cold, muddy, beach.

I eventually found myself near the swampy area that connected that was connected to the lake. I felt my shoes get stuck in the mud right next the swamp. I felt as if I was stuck. Before I could pull myself away from the mud that had spread throughout the ground, I covered my nose. There was a stench stronger than anything I've ever had my nose sense. I turned my head out the cold lake that had been taken over by the darkness the lake. I assumed at first that someone who poured some chemicals in the lake. It was a typical human assumption. If only, oh God, if only that was case. The thing then came. It came to me. The same way it did to that poor innocent boy who's body was found near the same area I was. It arose from the lake. Right in front of me. I laid my eyes upon it. Oh God. I'm begging you. Don't make me go any further. Trying to describe this thing will only kill me in the end. I know I'm going to die anyway. But I beg you, in God's name, don't force me to go any further. As you can tell, I have completely lost my sanity. The thing was floating above the lake which it had risen from. It was floating in a phantasm way. It didn't look human It didn't have any animal features either. It didn't look like anything of this world. The only "human" feature about it was the part that rested on top of the body. It almost looked like human skull. One of an infant. It was small. But what it was attached to caused my sanity to flee. The "body" was at first round but then started rapidly changing into shapes that I could not identify what they were. I felt as if my brain were to shut down. I wish it did. At least, at that very moment. This thing was just floating there above the surface of the water. But I needed to get out of there. But what was the point? Whether I fled or not, nothing will change what this dark universe has in store for us.

I don't remember what happened to me that evening. I suppose I passed out from shock due to the horror that I had witnessed. I found myself the next day in the hospital. I was no longer sane, so they locked me up in a mental institution. Nothing means anything to me anymore. Not me, not the human race, nor this God forsaken universe.

Paul had visited me a few weeks after I had been checked in to the institution. Just like me, though not worse, he wasn't himself. He came into the room where I was confined, and told the legend of the Phantasmic Stillborn. He told me that years ago, a pregnant woman had drowned in the lake along with her unborn baby. The woman's body retrieved from the lake, but the unborn was no where to be found. Legend has it, that the spirit of the unborn baby was filled with anger and sadness due to losing it's mother, and not being able to physically come into this world and into existence. Some sort of devilish higher power, which I dare wish to say that I was still ignorant of this incomprehensible immortal existence, had given the unborn baby a "life". Though this wasn't a life. At least in the human definition. The spirit of the baby came to be something that broken had the fabric of space and time. For it had come in contact with something that I wish was just one of those fictional aliens I've seen in movies and television shows. I don't even know what this alien higher power. Trying to think about it has erased all of my sanity. And it will for all of those who come in contact with it. It's beyond what I would call "viral". This is worse than anything viral. I know for a fact that the thing that I saw at the lake, which was Paul referred to as the Phantasmic Stillborn of Lake Avenue, was what led me to come in contact with with this devilish higher power. It's telling me to leave this place, and go to the thing in the lake.

That thing will take me. I know it will. Maybe not physically, but existentially. That thing isn't a baby anymore because that devilish higher power beyond human comprehension has used this poor lifeless baby to make into something that will haunt not just the lake, but all of us. I bet this thing doesn't remember it's original good spirit longing for it's mother. Oh God, why do I even try placing my small minded and meaningless values onto this thing that isn't even human anymore. I'm not just insane now. I've been erased. You'll be erased to, which is why I beg you not to go to Lake Avenue ever. Or don't go anywhere where this contact with this evil higher power. There's no point in me warning you. We're all going to succumb to this unknown force. Thank God I don't know what these things will do to us all. For I'm going to die soon. At least I feel as if death is coming. How do I know? I just escaped the institution. How I escaped is not important. But I'm being called to the lake by this thing. I'm hoping I'll just die, but I don't what this thing will do. But I will go to the lake. And soon enough, everyone will see, what this deadly world has in store for us.

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