You Are the Light

by Joe Lam

You are the light in such a dark place,

But nothing can erase your smiling face.

I see the love that's deep in your heart,

It's always been there from the very start.

Missiles explode wreaking senseless destruction,

Many people have died since this war's eruption.

The onslaught continues with no slowing down,

As they're trying to destroy your one sacred town.

But they cannot damage however they try,

Your courage and spirit which flies upon high.

You wish for peace to return to your land,

I wish there's a way I could give you a hand.

But for now here's my prayer, it's the best I can do,

I pray in this turmoil, no harm come to you.

Please understand that all of us here,

Hope that one day you'll have no more to fear.

I write this to you because I can see,

The light that shines bright, from you to me.

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