1991-05-05 the Morning After

by Matt Triewly

I am awake now. The long green curtains are still drawn yet I can see behind them that it is daylight now. Morning. Early.

I am naked and lying on the top of the covers of the double bed - her bed.

I move my head slowly to the left and see that she is still asleep with her long, thick and curly chestnut hair splayed out on the pillow. She is naked too.

I run my eyes, feeling kind of like a voyeur and a little guiltily, over the exposed flesh of her body which is half-turned towards me.

Her head is resting upon her left arm which is pale and shapely and speckled liberally and evenly with small moles. Her ample and firm left breast, the mound of which is also home to small mole, draws out to a prominent nipple. I like that.

I cast my eyes down to her trim little tummy and her long, lean and well-toned legs, the auburn triangle...

She opens her eyes, blue eyes, and yawns.

"Good morning, Sharon," I greet her.

"Morning, Matt," she replies in turn, and smiles.

It is warm in the bedroom and we are both naked above the covers. Naked without shame. Without embarrassment.

It has been a passionate night. I have fucked her and climaxed five times during the space of about twelve hours. But, I do not think she has come once.

I have not used a condom. Perhaps I should have. Too late now. What happens... happens. She is the right one for me. I know it.

She swivels her head to the right briefly and looks at the clock. The red digital numbers read: 07:02. She turns back and says, "You'll have to go soon as my mother will be round and I don't want her to find me in bed with you. It's too soon for that. Sorry."

"Don't worry, it's fine. I understand." And I do.

"I've got some Shreddies, you'll just have time to eat them before you go," she adds, perhaps feeling a little bad about kicking me out.

"Honestly, don't worry."

She smiles a wide smile with her thin yet oddly sensuous lips and I lean over and kiss her gently, sweetly, on them. I then swing myself off the bed and prepare to get dressed...

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