Rosalyn's Bandwagon

by Safira Sudarbo

A brass band started playing a harmonic wind ensemble to the thumping drums in the background. The crowd on the streets cheered when the annual Fool Parade officially began. Cheery little kids danced to the Fool Parade anthem, while their parents were clapping to the rhythm of the music. A group of four teenagers impatiently waited for one special feature of the parade - Rosalyn's bandwagon. To them it was the biggest and the only highlight of it all. They loved Rosalyn's bandwagon. Every year they had come to the parade to jump on it, but they had never managed to do so. This year they hoped that it would be different.

Finally the time had come. They already saw her from afar. The beautiful Rosalyn on her more beautiful bandwagon. She drove it in a very elegant way like no one else did. She looked perfect as usual. Her hair, her make up, her clothes - everything was perfect. The four teenagers were finally ready now. They prepared themselves for the biggest highlight ever. While they were counting down, they clenched their fists. 4, 3, 2, 1... vola! At last they did it. All four of them were on the bandwagon now. The crowd looked at them amazedly. They felt special. The teenagers rejoiced and danced around. Although Rosalyn was fully concentrating on driving her bandwagon, she noticed the teenagers dancing behind her.

"Did you guys jump on my bandwagon?", she asked them. They stopped dancing and grinned at her. Then they nodded to her question. Suddenly Rosalyn stopped driving. The anthem and the rest of the parade stopped. Rosalyn turned round to the teenagers. They became frightened now. Rosalyn stood up and approached them. "Ok, I repeat... you jumped on my bandwagon, didn't you?" They nodded again. With an angry look she started bitching at them: "Well, how dare you! This is MY bandwagon and nobody jumps on it! I said, nobody! You don't even belong to the Fool Parade. So what are you doing here? Get off right away!" The teenagers, sad and disappointed, left the parade without saying anything. Before Rosalyn was about to continue driving, she said to herself: "I can't believe my eyes... four insolent kids having fun on my bandwagon... today's teenagers are unpredictable..." She sighed disquietedly and went on.


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