Billy Bob

by patrick

Splash! Their boat hit the water. "I`m so wet!" Billy Bob said. "It's okay, son. You get wet all the time when you're sailing," said Billy`s Dad. They sailed across the rough sea to India. Billy said, "The waves are getting really high. "Man the sails and batten down the hatches," his father said.The next day of the journey we saw sharks swimming after dolphins, so we distracted the sharks. My dad said, "This boat needs to go faster." We were so fast we out sailed the sharks and the dolphins got away. Billy said, "We finally got away, Dad !" Billy was half scared to death. "Dad where are we?""Son we are almost halfway done."The next day we stopped off at an abandoned island. We slept the night well, but in the morning we saw a tsunami. We ran to the tallest mountain. Then the tsunami hit. We were safe but animals and plants were washed away.The next a plane went over our heads and we built a bonfire the plane did not see are bone fire later that day my dad said let's get some wood for a fire. We made fire to keep us warm but we do not the next people landed a plane on the island all seventeen sailors ran towards the plane shouting then the people came out the plane they all got shot but one survived his name was Jorge we saw an old military village we found medical equipment billy bob said that my dad's a doctor so he started stitching and cutting him looking for the bullet we took it out and stitched him up he said it really hurts

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