Intolerance Is an Evil Habit

by Pir Motasim Shah


Note: This is a short and real story that I experienced by my own-self while I was going from my home city Bannu to Islamabad. In these short paras I tried to sketch the portrait of the people of awkward society of Pakistan. I would be very happy for your suggestions.

*Islamabad- City name (capital of Pakistan)

While I was going to *Islamabad. I was so tired and after getting my seat I fell asleep. Eventually a person awoke me, for registration. After filling that required blanks lines, suddenly a person behind my seat started talking on phone loudly.

" Salam! I came to know that your brother was beaten by that bedouin young boy. Its so sad. I tried to meet you but due to some emergency I left to Rawalpindi for some important work. I would come there tomorrow. Don't feel alone. I am standing with you so you don't have to worry. Just go and tell the bastard that you did wrong. And I won't forgive you. I will take the revenge on any price. When i return back than I will also tell him that your brother is guilty. And listen don't be afraid, I am ready for anything. I would take the revenge for you, either by stick, or by gun. And I am also ready for even to suit FIR and to go court. You just initiate it. Then leave everything upon me. They are the bedouins and now they settled here. And we should to teach them a bitter lesson".

I listened all this stuff for a while silently and I became shocked. That they are boys. They will play together and also fight. But our people are so aggressive. They don't tolerate anything. And they consider it honor. Nevertheless revenge is compulsory here. They would do anything for that. But this penny issues create an immense problems. And you can say that a "Forest Fire", which would continue for generations. An aggressive language leads to slapping and slapping leads to guns. After-all when we would be mature? When we will understand, the price of lives?

If someone slap you. Of course it's so, you can say impossible to endure. But if you take revenge then the slaps will be getting more and more intensive and after that a battle will set up in between two we should to avoid it. A straight tree have also a bad fate. At least we should to bring some flexibility in our personality and minds.

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