by Talka


Scary and creepy.

The cemetery is a terrible place, especially after dusk. A ghost is waiting behind each grave, and in every coffin lies a dead body whose soul will haunt you for the rest of your life. Each silent murmur is a warning that somewhere just behind you is waiting a hand ready to pull you into the grave. Morella died 200 years ago at the age of 102 when she was no longer able to recognize her own daughter. Once upon a walk alongside the lake, you could see Elizabeth praying. Now she has her grave just behind the mother's grave. Now Morella's granddaughter is sitting at the grave. She is already eighty years old. One evening Addison decided to visit her grandfather's grave. Suddenly she heard the sound of the wind, but there was no wind at once. She knew it because the trees did not move a bit. Slowly she went to the grave of Morella, and there was a mysterious sound. She froze in fear. The burial board has burst. A pale hand covered in dust protruded from the crack. The hand held the ankle of a woman lying motionless on the ground. As soon as Addison shook off her trance she ran as fast as her short, not so nimble legs would allow her. She ran after her husband. She told him everything and they returned to the cemetery together. It was already four in the morning and a haze was rising above the cemetery. However, when they came to the place where everything happened. However, a surprise awaited them. The grave plate was not cracked, and there was no trace of the woman. They searched the place thoroughly. In the end, they found traces of blood on the tombstone. They began to analyze the situation. They sat until they fell asleep. A pair of eyes peeked out from behind the grave. A rustle could be heard from above, and from them, one could see something suspicious and terrible. There was something like a Gollum between the alleys of the cemetery. The creature dragged the inert woman's scratched body. The monster murmured some words under his breath. Then he stood at one grave and smiled to himself. He took away the tombstone with his ugly and slimy hands. Then he picked up a shovel from the ground and began digging the grave. Something moved in the grave. Suddenly, a hand tightened on the wrist of the creature.

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