No Names

by Talka


You have to read to find out.

        I woke up just like every day at 5 am as my alarm clock rang. I got up from the bed and walked up to the mirror on the wall to look at my reflection in the white room wearing a long blue PJ for the last time. I was just like everybody else in the education center, I knew, even though Abby told me not to look at the other children. There was nothing really to look at since we all looked the same. We all had short hair that barely reached our shoulders, black jeans, blue t-shirts and number tattooed on our hands. That was the only thing that made us different. This day felt like any other day, but I knew it would be different. This was the day that all the nines were becoming tens and we were all supposed to leave the education center. I wonder what happens after we leave?

        I didn't have a lot of time to think because Abby entered the room telling me to put on my clothes and pack my things, and then she left. This was very normal since Abby was a robot and didn't have feelings, but still, every time that she left without saying goodbye I felt a little pain near my heart. When I packed all my things I left to the food room to get breakfast. I couldn't swallow anything from stress and from the corner of my eye, I could see a lot of other people not even touching their food.

       Later we were all called to the theater where a lady with long blond hair and a white dress was talking. I wasn't listening, too busy looking at all the faces around me for the first time and not feeling like I am breaking a rule. Suddenly the talking stopped and we walked into different rooms, alone. The room that I was in was full of doors with no signs on them. I chose the door on the left and started falling into a black hole of nothingness. I was woken up by my alarm clock just like any other day at 5 am. I got up from the bed and walked up to the mirror and...

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