Ruins of Soul

by Neha Rajput

Of all that could melt,the most soothing were the emotions-love,anger,pain,want...they would melt and pour out like tiny droplets of rain.The much awaited rain,that consoled sweltering beings, as for the blistering hearts , there was another rain, that Emma knew of well. It was a little different, the difference lied in the composition of fluid, one copntained two parts of hydrogen and one of oxygen, the other restrained the poison that killed. Down it trickled Emma's eye and assuaged her fears of exploding inside.Through the window of her room, she saw the wild ebon sky and the buttery moon, she rummaged through the darkness for answers,a lot had been unanswered since her birth. She wanted to know where the tiny seed hid the tree that would bear fruits and why dint the dead birds drop from the sky like theb ripe fruits from the tree and why people died and who decided who was to die and when. She had seen dear ones depart and life had been an ordeal since. Like an octopus she had been inkling her past lest it would consume her like a predator. The rain poured heavily, a tear dripped and died on her cheek, little Emma was lulled to sleep.

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