Star Wars Fandom - Raging Wookies Ahead!

by Andre Michael Pietroschek


A Star Wars fan poem, imperial side.

Raging wookies ahead

© Andre M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

Character aka avatar: Aristo Bum


I sensed the bait;

Though for our scouts it was too late!

And our widows know:

The empire is running the show.

Led by the wise and bold,

Fate is like a Hutt, eager to get us sold.


So, when the imperator drops dead.

Sith struggle for the throne to be had.

Sometimes the Force seems pretty mad,

I could shave wookies instead!


And through each rebel ambush;

That polito-military royal flush.

Whether I'm killed, or survive;

I chose an imperial way of life!

Wherever they did send me;

Makes no sense to repent me.


Bloodloss makes cold and weak;

Guarding convoys is not for the meek.

I am still fighting on;

For galactic order may be won!


The Jedi posture enlightened pacifist;

But provoke wars and dead, who are still missed.

I know it does not seem this way;

But galactic security is imperial I say.

And, if deception lured us to the dark side:

I still fought for our people, not for false pride!

* END *

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