Standing Up Again.

by Andre Michael Pietroschek


Street survivor poetry, the crossfire perspective, when the ex-bum is supposed to be a functional part of the underpaid, erhh I meant workforce, once again.

Standing up again (Prosaic freestyle poem, written in 2018)

        © Andre M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved


Standing up once more;

So being expelled from society was a challenge, not chore,

as my ego recovered, standing alone for myself even more!


Standing up again;

Coz the cold of winter did not cripple me from trying,

I knew new work was the choice, not cheating or lying.


Standing up once more;

Coz neither disease, nor street crime, ensured my dying,

no justice in it, but I waste no time on sobbing or crying.


Standing up again;

for life does not bow to political zeal or religous fervor,

my new stalker & tyrant the hacker idiot on that server.


Standing up once more;

while the mainstream pretends all is pretty and good,

clans and criminals lurk 24/7 in my own neighborhood!


Standing up again;

for the god who abandoned me did so anyway,

I care for myself, and have nothing else to say!

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