First Meeting

by Tori

DISCLAIMER: I Do not own Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse. I am very glad that I got to read Stephenie Meyer's books because they have inspired me to write.

"By the time she was eighteen years of age she is already engaged. All to all people in the world a VAMPIRE! Yeah no one thought that vampires exist and that they don't walk amongst us. Well everyone was wrong they do, you just have to learn how to get to know them. Yeah in stories they are blood sucking lunatics but really they aren't. Do you want to know why all the wild animals are disappearing? Well think about it, vampires, missing animals and wild animals being killed and no one knows by what." Isabella read to the class.

Isabella was a beautiful, smart girl. She had long brown hair, and blue eyes almost pale enough to pass off as the sky in the early afternoons. Bella attends a private school where she just barely got into. She was sitting with Jasmine her best friend when all of a sudden the boy that every girl has a crush on wants her to sit with him. "Hey Bella, how come Edward is pointing at you to come sit with him?" Jasmine said with a fake smile. "I don't know, and I don't actually know him that well, should I go sit with him?" Bella said turning a light pink almost going to a deep crimson red. "Of course you should, maybe he wants to get to know you. But you do realize that a lot of girls won't want to be your friend, or they will betray you to get to be with Edward." Jasmine said, as Bella noticed the sadness in her voice. Bella smiled walking towards the beautiful man.

"Hi, my name is Edward. I couldn't help myself but you are really pretty and your eyes, it's like I could float in them. I want you to have lunch with me today." Edward smiled with a stone cold face. "How come you look so pale? Do you never sleep or something?" Bella said trying to hide her giggling. "You could say that." Edward tried to hide the truth and pulled it off. They both sat at the bench looking off into to no where. Edward smiled showing his fangs. "WOW you have really long teeth." Rosalind pointed to his teeth. "I know, I guess that's how I was born. I'm not really sure how I got them. But keeping them sharpened hurts." Edward said making a sour face, Bella starting laughing. "Well I bet it does. I mean how come you have to keep them sharpened?" Bella said as she poked at Edward's teeth almost getting cut by the razor sharp ends. Edward got up grabbing Bella's hand. "I want you to follow me ok. Just ignore what everyone says." Edward started picking up his pace. Bella's face started going pale as she ran out of breathe running with Edward. She let go of his hand to catch her breathe. Edward turned around, looking at Bella. "What you cant keep up?" Edward said as he threw Bella over his shoulder. "What the hell do you think your doing?" Bella screamed then she realized that she was with the guy that she has had a crush on. While they were running from what ever was chasing Edward and Bella. As soon as Edward had seen his house he ran in with the girl still slung over his shoulder and locked the door behind him.

He sat Rosalind down on the couch, as he could see that she was naseauted. "Who is this girl Edward?' Alice asked as she pulled him to the side. Edward looked away from her as she could see Rosalie coming down the stairs. "WhAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING EDWARD?!" Rosalie screamed as she saw the human girl in the front room. "Look Rosalie, Victoria was at the school and I just barely met Bella at school but I had this feeling of protecting her." Edward said as a smile snuck across his face. Rosalie could see how happy Edward was when he was around this human girl. "You know that you can not keep her here. Do you realize the danger you are putting her in by bringing her here. What if the Voultri found out that we have a vampire who is in love with a human girl? What are we going to do? Huh? Answer me that Edward. I can't believe you were so stupid to bring her here." Rosalie said as Edward noticed the tears welling up in Rosalie's eyes. "Look Rosalie I'll take her back after lunch is over that way I will know that she is safe, away from Victoria. I know Victoria's plan and if we can destroy her before she makes more vampires then we will all be safe.

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