Luscious Locks

by Nicky C White


I thought about writing a story that affects so many people's lives. I used a light-hearted tone, yet still conveying the ugliness of infidelity.

Rose sighed as she pushed open the glass door of Luscious Locks hair salon. 'Morning Rose,' Ben chirped. 'Morning Ben. How are you, luv?' Rose hugged him tightly. 'It's for cut and colour, right?' asked Ben tucking his crisp black shirt into his skinny jeans. 'Yeah, that's right luv.' Rose smiled as she removed her teal leather jacket. 'You're lucky Rose as there's no other appointments for another two hours, so you'll have the place all to yourself ,' Ben pulled out the brown leather barber chair. 'Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. Tea or coffee darling?' 'Coffee with no sugar please,' replied Rose as she glanced at her curly copper hair in the gold-framed mirror. ' Her blue eyes began to water. 'There you go,' said Ben as he placed the coffee in front of her. Rose stared at the blaring TV hanging on the wall. The MTV video of Roxette's 'It Must Have Been Love' was on. She burst into tears. 'Oh sweetheart. Are you OK? Is Joe sick?' asked Ben. 'Yes. My husband is the head! I caught them at it Ben...when I got back home from the office.' Rose continued to cry. 'On the kitchen table. Can you believe that?' she sniffled. 'Calm down Rose. Who was he with?' 'That skinny blonde from next door. Michelle!' Rose fiddled with her black barbers cape. 'The cheek of her. After all the favours I did her. Minding her poodle when she went to the Canaries. Giving her lifts to the shops. Can you believe that Ben?' 'I'm so so sorry Rose.' Ben uttered. 'The bastard!' yelled Rose banging her fist on the shelf . How could he?' 'Mind yourself sweetheart.' Ben rubbed her back. 'Can you imagine, my big Joe in missionary position? He would be done for murder for suffocating his mistress!' Rose was breathless. 'I want to look like her,' she insisted. 'Short blonde hair. Maybe Joe will start liking me again. He hasn't come near me in the last two years Ben.' Rose started crying again. 'But can't change your hairstyle just to look like Michelle. Your hair is the envy of lots of women!' exclaimed Ben. Rose sipped her coffee. 'You're dead right Ben! Why should I morph into some trashy husband-snatcher like Michelle?' Rose got off her chair, stepped out of the salon and fished her phone out of her bag. 'Hiya Mam. It's me. How are ya?' 'Hi luv, how are you keeping?' replied Tina. 'I am all right. Will you be home tomorrow morning ?' 'Yes, of course luv. Where else do you want me to be?' 'That's good as I'm getting the train down in the morning. Lots to talk about Ma. And make sure my old bedroom is prepared.' 'Oh, is everything OK with Joe luv?' 'Don't worry Ma. I will explain everything when I get home . See ya .' Rose walked back into the salon to cancel her appointment.

(Written: February 2016)

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