The Woman Who Brings Smile on Other’s Faces

by Dr. Pran Rangan

Once, a good looking lady, dressed in expensive and fancy clothes, enters the chamber of a psychiatrist to have the consultation for anxiety and depression. After listening intently to her problem, the psychiatrist says that she will help you with your problem, pointing to a woman, who is sweeping the floor of the chamber. Then he makes a gesture to the woman to tell her.

She begins to tell her: "My husband died in a road accident two years back which had made me emotionally very upset. Within six months of this, my only son died due to an incurable disease. This had left me completely broken down and miserable. I had confined myself inside the walls of my one-room home and seldom moved out."

She continues: "One day I was sitting in a depressed mood. A kitten moved in through the open door. She was very hungry so I gave her some milk in a bowl, which I had kept for myself to drink later. She hungrily finished it and began licking my feet and slowly climbed into my lap. This made me very happy and I smiled for the first time since the death of my husband and son."

The well-dressed lady was surprised and asked: "Do you still have the kitten?"

The woman replied: "Yes, I still have it. I won't let it go as it gives me happiness. It has taught me how to smile again. One day I decided that I would do things that may bring the smile on people's faces. I began helping people in many ways in order to bring smiles on their faces."

Once I came across Dr. Anil Khanna's clinic and reluctantly entered to meet the doctor. I told him my story and asked: "I want to do something for the patients that may bring a smile on their faces. I can do any odd job for you and will not charge for it. Can you let me do whatever you think is suitable? Dr. Khanna was impressed by my newly acquired belief and he let me work here. He pays me enough to support myself decently."

The lady said after listening to her: "What you have just told has changed my perspective towards life. After facing much suffering in life, you have learned not to worry about them and instead help others to bring a smile on their faces. My sufferings are negligible in comparison to yours. Nevertheless, you have learned to smile and make others smile. This is really great. I will try my best to follow you. Thanks for opening my eyes to the realities of life."

The lady left the clinic smiling after a long time.

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