The Affair

by Nicky C White


I wanted to experiment with a different style of writing and decided to write a dialogue-only story.

I thought that a confrontation between husband and wife about sexual infidelity would make good dialogue because when facing this painful issue both sides have to cope with very powerful feelings. Sexual Infidelity can become overwhelming and could be very hard to deal with without seeking the professional help of Marriage Counselling.

"Paul, we need to talk. NOW!"

"Oh, what's this about Cathy? Are you OK?"

"I'm fine Paul. It's you I'm concerned about. How long has this been going on for?"

"What in the name of God are you talking about Cath?"

"You well know what I'm talking about Paul! I know you're having an affair! What would an Office Assistant be doing in the office until ten at night EVERYDAY? Writing business plans for the company?"

"Cath, what's got into your head? Must be those antidepressants you're on."

"It's with that new stick insect of an intern isn't it? I read your texts yesterday when you were in the shower!"

"I can't believe we are having this conversation..."

"Don't you DARE lie to me Paul or I will embarrass you in front of your colleagues and family!"

"Cath...let me please explain..."

"There's no explaining to do..."

"Oh yes there IS Cathy! It is YOU who has to do the explaining...about sleeping with MY BROTHER!"

"Wh....what are you talking about Paul? Please don't shout. You'll wake the kids."

"My brother Joe told me everything Cath. That was exactly three months ago. As a revenge I started sleeping with the intern."

"Paul, that's not true."

"Oh yes it's true. I can also tell you when it all started. Remember your Aunt Jessie's funeral? You were feeling very depressed at the time and Joe caught you at a vulnerable moment."

"I don't believe this is happening Paul."

"Well, you'd better believe it Cath. Joe was saying that he took you out for a few drinks at The Well and you had one too many...."

"Paul, please stop it!"

"Let me finish Cathy. After your drinks you went for a drive, one thing led to another and you know the rest."

"Paul, I am so sorry. I was feeling very weak. I just didn't know who to turn to."

"Why didn't you turn to your own husband, Cath?"

"I knew you didn't like Aunt Jessie and your brother did."

"Oh so that gives you a valid reason for sleeping with him does it?"

"Paul, I think we need marriage counselling after all this."

"Maybe you're right Cath. It's just too big a thing to cope with without professional help."

"Let's just hope it works Paul"

(Written: Summer 2015)

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