The Night Duty

by ShandySingaporean

The Night Duty

It was an early evening. Winter had not yet knocked on the doors of this vibrant metro city. The weather was pleasant, the earth smelled fresh, and the cool breeze at 12 °C ambient temperature added a hint of romance in the air. The Sun was setting, collecting its golden rays to let the Moon spread her charm with cool resplendence. It was going to be a naughty full Moon night that evening, so it seemed.

A young man, just shy of 6 feet with a clean-shaven handsome face, dressed fashionably in an Executive cobalt blue suit, with rippling muscles, visibly pressed tight against the sleeves, suggestive of an athletic body, was waiting for a bus at National Club Bus Stop near City Park's Foot Crossover Bridge. He considered himself lucky enough at a young age. And rightly so, for he had succeeded to be the Club's Manager at just 28. Michael had finished his day's work and was headed home, although no one was waiting for him. He lived a bachelor's life and had not yet made any friends in this new city.

On the opposite side across the road, a bus moved away from the Bus Stop revealing a young girl standing there. She was alone. As their eyes met, he noticed she had smiled ... with some coyness ... hesitatingly. He found her beautiful, and himself - attracted. God seemed to have finally heard his prayer. Her smile had set his heart a-flutter. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed another bus approaching her Bus Stop. He didn't want to lose this opportunity, so he signaled her not to board the oncoming bus, and instead wait for him to take the Foot Over Bridge to reach her. This time also, the Lady Luck seemed to be on his side for the girl had consented with a smile.

Michael lost no time, cheerfully took the stairs two steps at a time to reach the other side. As he was approaching, he observed her long, slender legs carried her gracefully while she was pacing up and down, the heels of her leather shoes clicked on the concrete, and the skirt pleats kicked up to reveal glimpses of her shapely legs. Taking her extended hand like a thorough gentleman, though squeezing a little with a naughty smile, he furtively cast an appraising scan over her. Her hand was warm, delicate and soft. She was a pretty girl, slim, royal demeanor ... with a mesmerizing hold. Her reverse pastel peach color skirt and virgin white lace blouse enhanced her feminine attributes of a well-endowed woman. Matching shoes with little heels added elegance while raising her height a little above his shoulders. Her light brown, long hair tied in a smart bun with a red rose added to her sensuousness. Enveloped by the sweet, mildly spicy fragrance of the perfume she wore, he surrendered to her captivating charm.

'Hi, I am Michael. You are so gorgeous ... thanks for waiting ...'

'Thank you. My name is Sarah.' Her voice was mellifluous.

Her kohl-lined eyes shone brightly with a playful twinkle. They had worked on him like a magnet. 'Maddening Beauty', - He passed a judgment.

'Are you going home, Sarah?'

'No, I am on Night Duty tonight.'

'Where do you work? I mean, is it far?'

'Not really ... just two stops from here ...'

'Wow ... great ... it is a pleasant evening... would you like if we walk to your place of work?'

'Yeah ... sure ... my pleasure' ... chuckled Sarah making her soft laugh sexy. Michael was smitten ...

Taking advantage of this short walk, he tried to impress her by describing his job at the Club, and a large disposable monthly income ... sharing with her the best of his young life achievements ... top swimmer at University, consistently a Topper since school days, living alone in a Studio Apartment in the City's posh up-scale locality ... ... and so on.

Time flew ... Soon, he realized they had reached the gate of an abandoned cemetery ... As Sarah took a step to enter the gate, Michael froze ...

'What happened? Come inside. This is where I work ...'

Michael could only mutter: 'But there are graves all over the place ... '

'Are you scared ... you - a sissy?'

'No, no, no ... I am not scared ... but ...'.

By now, Michael was shaken to the bones. He was frightened.

'Don't worry ... Follow me.' Sarah reassured him.

Michael was under her spell. Her challenge to his being a Man had touched his fragile ego. He found himself entering the graveyard, following her steps along the worn out tiled path with eerie graves on both sides. Just as the full Moon added fright to the mystery, the gathering darkness brought a sudden squall, rain slamming down sending a cold shiver all the way down his spine. Michael was terrified ... trembling like an Autumn Leaf ... ready to fall ... his face as white as a sheet. The ghostly silence of the spooky place was killing.

Sarah stopped next to a creepy grave. She pushed the grave's top slab with her foot making a queer sound, and exposed a staircase, leading down to a dark pit, along the outline of a dead body. She stepped down into the grave and asked Michael to follow her ... all the way down into a cellar next to the spooky dead body ...

Like a lifeless lamb, Michael obeyed her.

The cellar was spine-chilling ... dark but for a tall white Candle ... throwing flickering dim light on a dining table in the middle of a bloodcurdling empty room - the source of the appalling, hideous stench.

Sarah stepped up to the head of the Dining Table, and asked him to sit down on the couch opposite to her ... along the wall ... at the other end of the table.

'This is where I work' - She declared.

'But what is your job?' ... somehow, the words came out of his dry mouth ... flowing out of fear.

'My job is to bring food', explained Sarah.

'For whom?' ... he was horrified in this unnerving setting.

'For her', Sarah pointed her hand towards a vampire on her left ... 'and for her' - she pointed the other hand out to another vampire on her right.

'But where is the food?'


Michael fainted and collapsed on the couch.

In a flash, Sarah turned into a wicked vampire.

They were now scrounging with loud horrendous cackling ... eeeheheehe ... eeeheheehe ... eeeheheehe ... the evil cackling filled his ears, and, in an instant, brought a shock of current crackling through his body ... jolting him from his sleep ... Michael woke with perspiration on his face.

Written by Shandy Singaporean



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