Best Friends Part One

by Roxanne Dubarry


Prince Author was transformed into a green toad by a fairy god mother. In order to protect him from a jealous young Princess Gloria. Suddenly he is wearing a golden jeweled crown upon his head. What would really occur after true love's first kiss?

Jasmine, the fairy noticed something very unusual about Mr. Green Toad. She was completely startled, on his head he was wearing a golden crown. Instantly she was aware. She knew once upon a time, he was a human prince. She knew the rules, only true love's first kiss could transform him into a handsome young prince. Jasmine was neither a princess or a human. How could she kiss him? When she considered herself to be unworthy of his love.

Unknown to Jasmine, his tiny toad heart was beating one million miles a minute. Why did he become transformed into a green toad? Once upon a time and not so very long ago, a young prince was named Prince Author. He was heir to the crown of the magical kingdom of Auroan. Prince Author was madly in love with a stunting, but cold hardhearted and greedy young princess. Her name was Gloria. Her parents bequeathed her that name because she was born with beautiful golden hair.

Princess Gloria did not live up to her name, and she was a very jealous young maiden. Prince Author could not even glance at a serving wrench. Her cold icy blue eyes would follow her. She was never seen again. Gloria had her imprisoned in a high tower dungeon. Secretly, she instruct the keeper of the tower, to behead the serving wrench. Naturally, she was never seen again by human or fairy eyes!

Although he was a green toad, Prince Author had a human intellect. He knew if he were to manage to return to his kingdom and his family. Princess Gloria would probably marry him before the entire kingdom of Auroan. She would conveniently arrange for him to disappear after the birth of their first born son. Upon the demise of his parents King Henry and Queen Eleanor, she would ascend to their royal throne. She had the soulless heart of a murderess and must not ever become queen!

What should a desperate a green toad to do? He started loudly croaking. Surely that would get the lovely and charming pink fairy's attention? Maybe if she kissed him, would he become Prince Author? Would he become a fairy like her? Would he still remain a toad? What if Princess Gloria were to discover he had a fairy godmother change him into a toad. In order to protect him in the first place. Ordinarily he would not be wearing a golden jewel crown . It was probably a good sign. The fairy could kiss him. And his favorite fairy god mother could change back him into himself once again.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

December 21, 2018

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