Drone Riders Islands of Enchantment Part Two

by Roxanne Dubarry


Do the young people turn into fairies or merimaids and meriboys? The answer to this sixty four thousand dollar question just happens to be no!"

Playing with the mermaid boys and girls in the warm water seas of the islands were bottle noised dolphins. As the mermaids observed the Davis's family drone quickly approaching the islands, they smiled and waved at them. Their were no airports, nor landing fields for the drone to safely land on. Instead it landed on a sandy beach. When the drone landed it was still tiny, but when the Davis' exited it, their normal height and weight were fully restored to them.

What happened to the drone? It was not used as a child's play thing, it would be used to bring other children to the friendly enchanted islands. Did Ted Davis have to worry about being sixteen years old, or did Jon Davis have to worry about being fourteen years old? Just like Never Never Land, their ages remained completely frozen.

Only when people left the islands, for whatever reasons, did their natural aging process resume. Their memories were permanently erased and they were never able to return. No one over the age of seventeen years old was given sanctuary on the islands. Most youth and children decided to remain. Only homesick young people ever left. How could they miss a cordial home environment they never did have remained a mystery.

The Davis young people were warmly embarrassed by other boys and girls of their own age! Their hair did not grow nor their clothing ever wear out! The berry and fruit smoothies were the best tasting they ever drank! Not one of the kids even thought of asking for a hamburger. Their natural craving for meat and poultry products was not even a distant memory.

Every one was happier and healthier on a vegan diet! Sickness and diseases were did not exist in the islands of enchantment. Every thing was about as perfect as it could be! Hatred, anger, and jealousy was gone! The sibling rivalry between the Davis's youth and children vanished into thin air! "What do all the kids do on these beautiful islands?" asked curious Judy. Suddenly she noticed every person had colorful wings to fly with.

"To begin with all new arrivals have to begin their swimming and flying lessons!" said one of the fairy flight instructors Eritrean. "I am afraid of heights! yelled Janet. "And I am afraid of the water! I am afraid of drowning!" screamed Judy. "Please calm down girls and don't be frightened your anti-fear berry and fruit smoothies will soon take effect. I know because I always have one-hundred and ten percent of success!" replied Eritrean. "Are you boys also afraid?" she asked patiently. "No way!" they chorused. "We are really just glad to be here!"

"Eritrean, do we have to become fairies to fly and mermaids to swim? wondered Judy. "You ask very good questions because you have a natural inquisitive nature deep within your soul!" responded Eritrean. She admired Judy's courage and her honesty. Actually both girls were brave enough not only to confront their psychological phobias, but face them as well.

"No the youth and children who come to the enchanted islands remain human beings. They have colorful wings to fly around all of the islands with. But when they decide they want to go swimming with the mermaids and mermen, they can show off their fishy tales. And play with the bottle noised dolphins!" Eritrean was very excited whenever newly arrivals of young people displayed such passionate interest.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 26, 2018

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