The Drone Riders/islands of Enchantment Part One

by Roxanne Dubarry


This short story mini-series is a present to my beloved clincian at Compass Health. My fellow poet and fanasty writer, Greg Richardson. He is busy writing a novel called War Zones. He is an excellent science fiction writer and poet. Where did I get this idea? From fanasty fiction and drones of course!

Standing on a floor work table made by Ted in wood making classes at his local high school, the two teens, and two tweens felt onward. Even though Ted said to his three siblings about to enter an enchanted new world of fun and adventure,"Do not worry kids, I built this table especially just for this special occasion." "I am scared about the effect the magical pills will have on all of us!"sobbed Judy aged ten and the youngest of the Davis youth and children. "Relax, kiddo I tested these pills already out on our pets, and presto change they work just fine,"laughed Jon.

"Where are our pets now, Jon? asked curious Judy. "Relax, worry wort, they are already inside the drone and waiting impatiently for us to join them,"Jon replied and smiled at both of his younger sisters. "I wish mom and dad would not get divorced and would still want us!"Judy sobbed while tightly hugging Jon. "I do too, "Ted answered for the two youth. "But they no longer love each other and us!" Janet said with a great deal of emotion in her young voice. "They want their freedom, and I say we should give them what they want! A future with no bickering kids to worry about. Besides they will never even miss us.

I can only speak for myself, I can't speak for the rest of you." Ted sighed in relief glad that part was over. After all he was the eldest child, not Jon. And now he would have to become both elder brother and regret father! "Let's get this party started! Let's get this drone traveling Davis family not on the road, but in the air!" exclaimed Ted.

At the count of four each of us swallows only one little blue pill. The drone's door is already opened. Now I understand how Noah and his family felt when they entered the ark!" Suddenly they were transformed from being averaged weight and size kids. To becoming five and half inches tall for the two girls, to six inches tall for the two older boys. Jon had the garage door opened a tiny crack, and the Davis siblings were well on their way to the Islands of Enchantment.

Where were their beloved bombastic parents? Where else but in a per-divorce conference with their respective legal counsel. Before Ken and Marian married they both signed a per-nuptial arrangement with each other while consulting their lawyers. Afterwards they had a prearranged meeting scheduled with DSHS planning to place their unwanted offspring in foster care until the age of eighteen years old.

The only guide they all had was the magical book both Janet and Judy purchased for one dollar from their local library. All of the money collected from the sale of books, videos, DVD's Blue Rays, CD's went to sponsoring and promoting programs being held in their basement auditorium. It proved to be the best one dollar investment they made in their entire lives thus far. Prior to entering their drone sanctuary, Ted programmed the Islands of Enchantment on its GPS guidance system.

The Davis family's drone was of such miniature size it did not attract any unwanted attention from the outside world they were gladly leaving. Although they did not realize it, they were already under the protection of the Islands of Enchantment. Special Islands where all the unwanted and unloved children could find sanctuary in. Their homemade drone was traveling at such an incredible high rate of speed all the surrounding scenery went by in the twinkling of an eye.

As it was approaching the Islands of Enchantment the young people were completely speechless at its wonderful natural beauty. Like the garden of Eden it had no need of any man made shelter. The islands were not your typical tropical islands. In fact they were not tropical at all.

Young people and their pets lived in complete peaceful tranquility. Without any of the hatred and fear the outside world is infamous for. The domestic animals were not considered a necessary food source. Humans and beasts alike enjoyed a vegan diet consisting of fruits, plants, flowers, and vegetables. As a result they were much more healthier and happier, and so were the animals.

The enchanted seas were filled with young mermaid girls and boys. The Davis children had read Peter Pan when they were younger. They knew the islands of Never Never land was blessed with a Mermaid lagoon. But Wendy the eldest Darling child did not think so because they tried to drown her. Why? Because of their jealously and because they did not want to share their beloved Peter with any female. According to them, she was a rival. Who came to her rescue? Who but the beloved hero of folk lore legend, Peter Pan himself!

Love as always! Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 21, 2018

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