2015-07-20 Flashback - Journal Entry

by Matt Triewly

Just woken from a kip. Feel better. Refreshed. Sat on the sofa by the patio doors which are a little open. It's been raining and I can feel a cool draught. Feels nice. There are raindrops on the glass and the seagulls are still squawking. They never shut up. But I don't really care anymore.

I've a mug of tea by my side and it's the mug that's got a photo of me and the missus on it. The photo is of us on the Volk's Electric Railway at Brighton - we are sitting in one of the carriages. The photo was taken by a friend. A very good friend. It was a rainy day too but we had a great time. Happy memories.

I remember another rainy day. A couple of years earlier. We are in a bus shelter waiting to get home. Across the road is a church. In front of the church is a wooden carving of the crucifixion of Jesus...

Out of the blue, unexpectedly, she turns to me and says, "I'd like to know what it feels like to be caned really hard..."

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