My Poems (Part One)

by Water lilly


It's just some of my "better poems" there will be more... Sorry for the Sh**ty format

Here's a link if you want to see all of my poetry work, (of course you'll need to make an account to read all of them).

Welcome to the show

Welcome to the show, please step inside my mind, and try to find, the everchanging tide. It's not my might these chains are on tight, too bad, I cannot fight, all I can is write, it's time to say goodnight.


My Choice

To decide, reside, and identify. Have pride, confide, don't hide. Purified, simplified, Versified, Not nullified verified, qualified, justified, Undenied.


Shattered glass

Pointing fingers, laughter lingers, multiple triggers. It figures. Lines dance a trance shattered glass the lance thrown by the mass. She cried light that tried lied. She fled her mind lead, black places they tread. Now on 'anti' depresent med. better than being dead. Definitely not, she still fought the lot everyday, because they won't lay off.



Nothing to loose, every day cues. Untill as a muse wear someone's shoes.

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