by Shadow Night


It's just a thought and a journal,

Rain is beautiful, Just like a morning dew on a rose...It also cleanses all the dirty things left out in it.... .....but at the same time it can pound relentlessly at the backs of people who walk through it with out and umbrella..... Where I'm at it has stopped raining, and the Angry gray clouds moved away from the horizon, showing off a beautiful rainbow..... ...However, no matter how hard the sun tries to warm the ground, It still can't reach the flower peaking out of the dirt. And the clouds are still threatening to cover the beautiful blue skies that eagles love to soar through.... For the people who's being beaten by rain offer them an umbrella. And for those who are drowning, give them a hand into a boat.... ....I say this, because without people who gave me an umbrella, I wouldn't have been able to wait out the storm, and see that beautiful rainbow... ...We may have mist in our way, disabling to see the full horizon, But at least we have a rainbow over our heads, and clear skies ahead, which is definitely preferred.

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