Studio 33

by Chad Nelson

                      © copyright 2018

As an agnostic, I never thought I live to see definitive proof of an afterlife. One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Angels and Demons, it always helps me Focus. "Faith is a gift I have yet to receive." The 2021 US server hacks were thought to be like any other. The initial investigation led back to a combination of North Korean and Chinese servers. All International media went apeshit, of course, the political monsters reared their little vacuous heads. This only intensified when the actual hacker was identified.

There have been a few known child prodigies in the hacker community throughout the years. Although 16-year-old Noomi Scott was an enigma, she went by the handle: Candor. Candor was well known to many three lettered federal agencies. The hacker Candor was a Boogeyman of the intelligence communities. Every hacker has a small identifiable signature to their coding. There's even specialized software to identify these signatures.

What made Candor so terrifying to certain intelligence communities- Candor was a Grey hat hacker- Candor's signatures rotated so radically, it inexplicably outmaneuvered the tracking software. The failure of the tracking software raised more than a few red flags. This is what led to the eventual identification of Noomi Scott. The Prometheus software was classified, Candor's abilities showed an intimacy with the software source code. The Prometheus software was a small 2015 DARPA project. There were only four Engineers involved in developing the principal software. Only two of the said Engineers had access to the updated 2021 source code. Fueled by the corruption of the Prometheus software. Homeland security made short work of identifying Noomi Scott. It was reported the Homeland Cyber Division, was rather humbled by the complexity of Noomi's system. See Noomi's father Shane Scott was now an independent software contractor; among other things. He was on the road most weekdays, Noomi's nanny was instructed to leave her be with anything to do with computers. She had sold her father a BS story about wanting to build an experimental cryptocurrency mining computer. This gave her access to her fathers Amazon account, as well as his PayPal account. Noomi had built a rather complex cluster computer. Her abilities to stay animus was largely due to a mixture of hardware firewalls, multiple VPNs, as well as remote access to multiple high-speed computers throughout her hometown of Lewiston Idaho. Noomi was quite the skilled manipulator, she regularly volunteered to teach social media classes at the local Library. She even volunteered at certain retirement communities, anywhere with high-speed internet access. Noomi used a range of specialized tools, mostly only known to the hacker community to gain access to these systems. It was reported she used a combination of Bash bunnies, rubber duckies, and even a Land turtle. Noomi showed a depth beyond her years, she knew her luck would eventually run out. Her second to the last hack, she found her way into one of the Wilson data recovery servers. Wilson Data Recovery LLC was a well known independent contractor. They had many Federal contracts, including D.H.S, and the F.B.I. Noomi was only able to gain access to Federal cold case files. She initially thought it was rather a useless hack, mostly forensic reports, and legal filings. In a 60 minutes interview, Noomi said: it was sheer dumb luck she discovered the Studio 33 findings file. The Studio 33 tragedy, was arguably one of Hollywood's worst tragedies. Noomi admitted that was the only reason she tried to read the file. Once a tier 5 security clearance splash screen flashed over the proprietary Wilson software. Noomi knew she had found something that was literally classified. Noomi played the game trying to crack the security restrictions. In the end, she was only able to download an encrypted copy of the Studio 33 findings file. Noomi had made some gifted friend on the deep web, she knew it would take a specialized skill set to crack the encryption. Her only stipulation was to distribute the file contents publicly using steganography. Noomi was puzzled, what would ever need to be classified. Studio 33 was a small old studio, on the Sun Valley Studio Lot. The Studio 33 tragedy of 1988, was nothing more than a psychotic former producer. Timothy Boyd was an up-and-coming producer, he was diagnosed with late-stage schizophrenia spring of 1987. Timothy didn't believe in medication, it had something to do with his religious beliefs. Unfortunately, his symptoms were aggressive, schizophrenic with paranoid delusions I believe. Between his illness, and radical religious beliefs. Timothy believed everybody working in Studio 33 was tainted by a darkness. One night he had returned to Studio 33 with an unidentified Compressed Gas. He had run a line into the ventilation system. The national news never released the gas type, only that it was odorless and toxic. According to the news, all 19 employees and 2 talk show guest were rendered unconscious within minutes. Timothy proceeded to lock and to barricade all the doors. He then set multiple chemical fires throughout the studio, before removing his respirator and sub coming to the gas. D.H. S and the F.B. I charged Noomi as an adult under domestic terrorism laws. Noomi was set to go to trial on November 8, 2022. Thanks to the morally bankrupt politicians and the general news cycle, Noomi was soon seen guilty in the court of public opinion. Admittedly Noomi was no angel, but she deserved a fair trial. Noomi was released out on bail spring of 2022, thanks to her father's powerful connections. She was forbidden to use any and all computers.

So when the black hat hacker community organized and announced the decryption of the classified Studio 33 Files. Noomi was the first person the Feds arrested. June 11, 2022, was the day the founding fathers rolled over in their graves. A small religious faction of the Federal cyber division crashed the internet worldwide. It started with YouTube going down at 7.36 a.m., thirty minutes later it all crashed. The worldwide internet was high jacked for a total of seven hours and forty-three minutes. It was a blanket purge of numerous databases. The outage was initially blamed on hacking community. Noomi's initial idea of steganography was spot on. Although she was completely naive, on the depths the powerful Elite. The Hacking community expected this, before the initial announcement of the Studio 33 file decryption. Numerous videos worldwide were infected with a copy of the Studio 33 files using steganography.

All types of videos were infected pet, news, viral videos, and of course adult videos. The completely random nature of infected videos made it impossible to purge them all. No one could have imagined the video contents of the studio 33 findings file. The initial decision to classify the file was believed to be rooted in National Security protocols. This, of course, was bullshit, it was a decision to maintain power. The steganography key was released June 13, 2023, and the video spread at the speed of virus and vice.

It was a restored 1988 recording of the long forgotten Ben Branner talk show. It was one of the regular shows recorded in studio 33. The Ben Branner talk show had two paranormal investigators on that night. Mostly talking about their visits to decommissioned mental facilities. Understand paranormal investigations was literally laughed at in 1988. The interview had an uncomfortable nature, from the start. The talk show host was making light of the paranormal investigators any time they replied seriously. This went on for about ten uncomfortable minutes, the lead investigator Kale Kaufman reached a breaking point. He stopped Ben in the middle of his belittling comedy routine. Kale simply asked Ben Branner if he wanted proof of the paranormal. Ben then double down on making fun of the two investigators. Kale abruptly grabbed Ben hand, Kales' face

grotesquely started mutating. Ben was able to break his hand free from Kale in terror of what was before him. Kale replied with a twisted childlike voice. " You don't like spiders much do you? " Ben started uncontrollably coughing, then in a complete violation of nature. Countless tiny spiders exploded from Ben's face, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Everyone in the Studio was in shock, Kale then stood up and started chanting something completely incomprehensible. The chant was less than ten seconds. Everyone began uncontrollably screaming, somehow no one could move they were all frozen where they were. Kale then methodically went to each person, and slowly killed each one realizing their worst fears. The most unconscionable thing about it all, Kale was getting off from the terror of the frozen souls; watching their coworkers being killed each knowing their time was coming. After Kale finished, he started chanting once again. A fire started breaking out all around him, Kale quickly started burning. The cameras kept recording until the fire overtook everything. The cover-up pissed off an entire generation, it was incontrovertible proof of a malevolent force. This meant there has to be a benevolence, an afterlife. This brought peace to many Souls, it's no longer just a matter of one's faith. I don't know what's going to happen to the world. I hope this new understanding is a precipice of man. I might just be naive, although mankind seems to only act better to one another. When there are Ironclad repercussions to one's actions.

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