The Land Part 2

by Eulalie


Coninutation to The Land part one.

"Why hello there", he began to walk towards me, "I didn't notice you there, my apologies."

He crept closer keeping an eye on me. I felt a rush of air. I knew inside of me I should have ran for the house but there was a part of me that wanted him to come closer.

"Oh my, where are my manners? My name is Jacob L. Rosenburgh" He held out his hand.

I know this is a bad idea, but I can't seem to make myself leave, I thought to myself. He just appeared from nowhere and there is a woman behind him in distress.

There was about a yard between me and Jacob. The only thing that was separating us was the forest line. He held his hand out enough that it wasn't crossing the line but inside the forest. I was so distracted in his pure black eyes I didn't realize I was about to grab his hand until my dad pulled me away. I felt as if I was in a trance and broke free. I was confused and wondered where my parents came from. Then my thoughts immediately raced back to the women and Jacob.

"Did you see them", the first question I asked my parents.

"See who", asked mom with a whole lot of concern in her eyes.

"Who are you talking about", dad asked being more stern.

"The man and woman. They were right over by that tree. I saw her chained up and Jacob appeared out of no where", speaking too fast for even I to comprehend.

Mom and dad both looked at each other with concern and worried. "Who is Jacob", mom asked putting her hand in mine.

"There was nobody there Elli. How many times have we told you to stay inside and away from the forest", he grabbed my arm and headed inside with me behind him and mom on my heels.

"Why don't you two believe me? You have kept me locked up in this house for 18 years. My entire life has been lived in this house, never to go outside. You say to be patient and it will come together but I am tired of waiting."

Mom and dad looked at each other then me. Dad then started to say, "Your right. We have kept you locked up, caged up in this house in the middle of nowhere your entire life. We can't say much to any of your questions, but it is for the best until you learn the secret, our secret." Dad put his arm around moms shoulders in pulled her close to his side.

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