Paper Massacre

by Randalph H.

"Another wasted day at work," is the words that run through Ryan's mind almost every time he walks in the back door of the Shady Tables. The Shady Tables is a restaurant located on 5th street with the city hall on one side and on the other side, fast-food joints and Starbucks coffee houses roamed. It is winter and snowing at this very second in Rodnsburg, This was not the average weather in Rodnsburg it was usually warmer. The people in this story are all warm weather people, especially Ryan who moved here to get away from the cold, but is seemed to have fallowed him.

Ryan moved to Rodnsburg from his cold and dreary home further north which is rarely warmer than this day.

"Stupid door! This gosh darn thing never closes right". Steve, Ryan's boss slash friend was standing just inside the door when Ryan came in. Steve says "you better get that door closed or the cold wind out there will mingle with the warm air in here and we will all be freezing to death".

"Right, Right, Right." He slams the door; until it collides horrendously with the door frame, I'm positive the customers can hear this. But do they care; no, they are all regulars and hear it every time they come in. It seems that the regulars are usually the only ones that ever come in. Rodnsburg doesn't really have much to offer for tourists except the fast-food and coffee.

Ryan walks across the floor to the computer and punches in a series of numbers the computer tells him that he's clocked in under cook. This was routine for Ryan he has been doing it for about two years now for five days a week. He's got it down.

Ryan stands there at the grill with thick black hair, brown eyes, and pail skin. He was your average skinny white boy. He is 26 years old now and stands 6 feet 2 inches. He weighs 135 pounds and has been weighing 135 pounds since he was 15.

Steve, a short light blonde haired fat man was now talking to one of the waitresses about an actor that was coming in to prepare for his star rowel in some restaurant movie. The actor was Johnny Depp and Ryan had no idea what was going down. He was in the dark, not for any reason, they just forgot to tell him. He was coming in tomorrow precisely the same time Ryan will come to work. This will shirley be an interesting confrontation.

Meanwhile across the town chaos is breaking loose literally. The west dam has sprung a leek and Dwain is no were to be found. Dwain owns the town. He runs a used car dealer ship and owns much more including west dam. He has been neglecting to repair it, not because he doesn't care about it, he would fix it if he new about it but now a days he isn't in his right mind. Dwain was walking down town appreciating it for what it is. It is a small town with about three thousand people in it. It has recently been corrupt with big corporations but that didn't bother Dwain at this time because Dwain was not Dwain any more. He has been a different man off and on for about six months now. The rest of the town knows this but he doesn't, or should I say that they don't.

Dwain's family was trying to help but seceded from doing so because of his lack of progress. It seems Dwain won't ever get better, just worse. His family doesn't live in Rodnsburg and would never do so. They believe that this town is what made Dwain crazy and it may have. They live in a big city somewhere further south.

Dwain's friend Max is sitting in his furniture store (which is on main street) with his wife by his side sporting the paper in front of him and on the other side was his screaming dead Nazi (an alcoholic drink that consists of 1 part Jegermeister, 1 part Bacardi, 1 part Rumple Minze, and 1 part open flame) he had all this without the flame. He didn't knowing that he could get washed away any minute now. He's furniture store that functioned as his home as well, is on the west end of Rodnsburg smack dab in the path of the (soon to be) bursting dam's water flow. He didn't know; only I knew. The helpful fire fighters that are trying to control the dam may presume, but they think it is under control.

Max is a drunk. He's lividness shined threw his scalp next to his bushy brown hair, and blue eyes. The rest of his 249 pound body is covered in blotchy discolored skin. Five feet and seven inches of all this is too much. He looked 70 years old but he was only 54. Max never finished high school, do to his late uncle's death. His late uncle, use to own this furniture store and gave it to his closest relative, which happen to be Max. Yes ser, Strait out of ninth grade and already a business man. Something about Max that no one else knows except for me, not even his wife knew (though she is the soul provider) is that he has a fancy for women's unmentionables. Not on women but on himself. He has seceded in hiding it for this long and I'm not going to be the one to spoil it for him.

Dwain snapped back into it for know, he's Dwain again. He walks around the bin (that consists of fifth and main) and walks west toured Max until he reaches the front door of the furniture store, and walks in.

"Well so if it isn't Dwain Hoover" says max, with a drunken tone.

"Who else would it be, it's not like you have any business here any way"

"I do too have business, I sold a couch to some young teenagers today, and they got a free lamp from me to."

"I didn't know you gave away free stuff."

"I don't the p***ks stole it. What happened to our youth?"

"Nothing at all don't you remember when you were that age; heck you would have probably stolen the couch to."

Max and Dwain were real hellions when they were kids. They didn't care about anybody's feelings or belongings including there own. That is why they are friends well at lest that was why they were friends. Even I don't know why they are friends now and I am supposed to know everything. Dwain went to college and became very successful; Max went to a furniture store. Dwain ran the town with a clear head, even though he seem to have two minds, nether of them drank. Max pretended to run his store but only seceded because of hand outs from Dwain.

Slam! Went the back door at the Shady Tables, Johnny has arrived.

"Wow! Its cold out side, I thought Rodnsburg was a warm town." says Johnny.

Ryan looks around the corner to see what just walked in. It was a renowned actor to his astonishment.

Ryan says "What the heck are you doing here."

"I know, I know, I wasn't supposed to come until tomorrow but I couldn't wait."

"What are you talking about; tomorrow?"

"You didn't know. You must have known, the man I talked to on the phone to arrange this, said he was going to tell everyone."

"Everyone except me I guess."

"Hay, Steve." Ryan yelled

"What the heck do you want?" Steve replied.

"I want to know why Johnny Depp Is standing before me asking what he should be doing."

"Well I don't know he wasn't supposed to come tell tomorrow." "O I never told you I'm sorry I forgot; um, Johnny Depp is coming in tomorrow to start a job shadow thing for some fancy movie. Well today I guess."


"Well what" Ryan and Steve say at the same time.

"Well what do you want me to do?"

Ryan blurts out some words "Get to work" fallowed by a series of instructions. Johnny fallowed them.

I knew that this would happen for I wrote the story. Something else I new that no one else new (except for the nice fire fighters) was that it was blowing. The dam is blowing. The fire fighters know much too late and (I'm sorry to be the one to inform you) but none of them will survive. They all will give there lives trying to convince their selves that the dam wouldn't brake, but it is braking. The water is ripping threw the concrete like it was paper. Natural disaster my ass (ass as a donkey not a butt); this could have been prevented if Dwain knew. He wouldn't have cared what the fire men would have said he would have fixed the dam and Rodnsburg wouldn't cease to exist, the town would have been saved; the lives would have been saved, but no, all because his brain wasn't right. All because the fire men didn't want to work today, all because of me (who made all these people do what they did, what they are doing, and what they will do) I can tell you this they won't be doing much anymore.

The dam broke with a force of a NASA rocket ship. It blew threw the canyon, that was its home and started tarring threw the paper houses, the paper people, the paper Shady Tables, the paper furniture store, and the rest of the paper town. I tell you what, when the dam got threw with what dams often do it looked like a war zone. O, but there was one man who survived but I'm afraid he wasn't in the story.

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