The Lone Soilder

by Roriken

In a distant land far away...

A figure skulks through the woods, wearing a dark,ragged cloak.

It is undetected by the other animals, by the twigs under its feet.

It's almost as if it's steps don't touch down, as if they don't even make contact. It makes no sound as it continues through the woods, it's breathing so light that if a animal did notice it, it would have mistaken it for a twig tumbling through the breeze.

The figure comes upon a wall in a clearing, shouting coming from the other side of it.

For the first time in hours, the figure sees light, it is clear now that it is a man, at least a teen,

He knows his mission.

The man in the dark cloak approaches the wall.

And five crossbows are aimed at him by elven folk.

Chapter 1

The unit.

      I look up my hood protecting my eyes from the bright sunlight.

The wall was huge, having five mounted crossbows on it, each with a chain attached to the arrow and a crank to pull it back. Elves run along the top of the wall, each mounting itself at a crossbow, aiming it at me. I raise my hands in the air, in mock surrender. "I give!" my raspy voice fills the air, i just realized i haven't had water in days, I'm going to die if I don't get some soon. "Please let me in! I have a message for the king!"The elves exchange glances, and a strong voice emerges from the squad of elves. "NO OUTSIDERS!"I sigh and lower my hands. This is how it's gonna be.

One of the elves fires at me, the crossbow bolt being as large a redwood tree. I scoot to the right a bit, dodging the bolt by bare inches.

     "That wasn't very nice." I smiled. I knew that made them even angrier.Two bolts followed the first shortly after, i duck under the first one, and dance around the second. "Is that all you'be got?"I can hear yelling from the other side of the wall, the last two arrows fire, and i dodges those gracefully, all the crossbows being fired. I jump on one of the arrows and run up the chain, before it's drawn back. I jump off once I reach the wall, and stand there, watching the elves rush to retract the arrows. Once one does, he aims at me.

     "It's pointless dude, I'm already I-" i was cut off, as I duck to dodge the sudden arrow, it hits the gigantic castle behind me, that I just now noticed somehow...The bolt hit one of towers, rubble falling down to the ground below, the tower being badly damaged."Ohhhhh....shit..."The elves looked at each other with a worried look splashed over their faces, they know something i don't, and that doesn't bode well. The elf who had fired looks scared, a blur came out of the tower, flying along the chain so fast I could't even see who or what it is

      The blur strikes the misfiring elf in the face, throwing him off of his crossbow and onto the ground below the wall. The blur stops, her flowing brown hair coming into view, it's angry look forming. Her bright blue eyes pierce me like a arrow. "Who are you?" I stumbled back at the sight of her, her face so angry, but her body so serene. She looked could snap my neck while sipping tea. "Ahem...I am Redwing. I bring a message for the king." Before I could step forward, I felt a sharp pain in my chest, she had hit me with her hand so fast I didn't even see her coming.

    I fell to the ground clutching my chest, the pain....I can't....see straight.

Fuck she hits hard...but I hit harder. "...gah....w-why..." she squatted down to my eye level, her face is blurry...everything is..."sorry....can't have you killing the king. If you actually have a message for my father you'll give it to me, or give it in chains." I'm in no place to argue....or make demands...did she say the king was her father. .fuck it I'll just give it in chains....I'm thinking a lot more now..,that's odd..."I'll...give it...with your restraints.."

   The girl smiled. She jerked her head to me and the elven soldiers that had been firing at me we're now handcuffing me. "I'm glad this didn't end in violence..." I hated to agree with her, but she was right. Even with the severity of my message, killing anyone would not have given me a warm welcome into the kingdom of the elves. "I prefer take people out to dinner before I kill them. Much more humane." Did this pointy eared sonofabitch just fucking ask me out to dinner and threaten me in the same sentence?!?

She presses her finger to my nose. "Boop! Yes. Yes I did. It's not nice to be rude to a princess by the way red." She pulls her finger away from my nose and waves them to take me away...I had one thought in my mind before I passed out from sheer exhaustion and dehydration....who was this girl...?

  When i came to I was chained to the ground, the brown haired princess stood me, her bright blue eyes staring down at me. I can barely see..the room is dark, the only illuminated things are the princesses flashlight, which I don't know where she got, and and her eyes. Otherwise....I can't see shit. "Where am I?" The princess aims the flashlight at her face, a smile creeping across her face. "In hell of course. How else do you expect the devil to be here?" The...devil...what does she mean...

She leans over and plants a kiss on my forehead, before aiming the flashlight at my face. That's when I really woke up.

I woke up, in a dazed sweat. The princess standing next to me with it so glowy eyes, and I'm still chained to the ground.

The king sits in a chair just feet away from me, his throne being exactly middle of the entire throne room. His bear long and white, his hair long gone, and his smile never eroding. He stands and walks over to me, he's massive compared to my pitiful 6'2, he's a whopping 8'9. He bends over and hugs me. Then slaps me. "A phone call would be nice Redwing. At least send a letter." "You don't have advanced technology here and your postal service is a bunch of turkeys." The king chuckles and sits back on the throne. "What brings you here old friend? Come to spar?" I shake my head. "Sadly no your highness. A evil organization known as the units on the way to attack you. I came to warn you.'s too late. Once they set out to end someone or's already dead...."

  The kings smile still stays. He stands and walks over to a windowsill. "How long?" "A day...maybe less..." The king hunches.  He sighs and pours himself a drink...Poor man...I'm sure this is the last thing he wants to hear. The princess doesn't look like she knows the danger. "So?! We'll fight them! No one threatens the Elves and gets away with it!" The king turns to the princess....with the saddest smile I've ever seen. I think I Even saw a tear. "We shall fight shall not." She opens her mouth to argue, but he chops her looks like it hurt, she passes out immediately, her face finally looking at peace. The king blinks and my chains disappear. I stand, rubbing my wrists. "Red...i am not long for this world. If The units coming for me....then at least I will die fighting...and....not die choking on my own blood..." He looks at me with a saddening look...i...i think i may be crying...

"Take her and go. Leave now. While you still have your life." I open my mouth to say something, but all that comes out are choked out tears and crying. I'be know King Lorence since birth. He's cared for me like a father. "NOW!" He stands up, his voice booming and demonic, shaking the entire structure. I run and grab the princess off of the ground and sprint out with some newfound strength. I'm finally outside...Jesus... I place the princess on a horse and check its saddle bag. Full of supplies. Yesssss...perfect. I mount the horse, it immediately tries buck me off. "Easy there girl...easy..." She calms down soon enough, and I have the mount riding us out of the elven kingdom...slowly...seeing the light shine off the wall as I leave...and reenter the forest.

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