Banked Inspiration

by Randalph H.

The money owners all wait in line for their turn in the quarrel between them and the oppositional confrontation that beholds your money (the teller); the paper that you worked so hard for. You walk in, wait in line until it's your turn, until the girl on the other side of the counter asks how much money you want, what your name is, and then you sign your life away. They give you what is rightfully yours and you're off. Off to do what ever you want with your money. You can do anything if you have enough green paper; on any day of the week, if you're in the right place.

A particular man walks in, (he was only particular because I decided to point him out); he did not stand out to me though I stood out to him. He didn't do anything abnormal; he did exactly what most would do, what I would do. He waited then walked then waited then walked and he did this until he had that opposition in front of him. Tell it was staring down at him with the eyes of a tiger ready to pounce, and then the tiger said "what can I do for you". But before all this, when he was waiting and walking that is what this paragraph is all about. Not oppositions or tigers, that is in the next paragraph. He walks in with the red cheeks the cold bones and everything else that comes in with the cold. The cold tumbled away of him in no time. He was prepared he had a black stocking on, a big blue winter coot, and soon he will have money in his pocket ready to be traded in for more useful stuff. He was glad to get inside; he didn't mind the five people in front of him. He would have time to prepare to go in the cold again. He looks around for some kind of recognition; maybe someone he new. I don't think he can find anybody though, so he just walks up to the line and gets ready to wait. All the people are about two feet from each other, at the least. That's about the American standard. That is, were we are; America. To be more specific we were in Telco bank which is in Custer, which is in South Dakota, which is in America. Slowly he creped toured the teller.

"A good intention but fixed and resolute- bent on high and holy ends, we shall find means to them on every side and at every moment; and even obstacles and opposition will but make us " like the fabled specter-ships," which sail the fastest in the very teeth of the wind" said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralph is no longer with us, he died in 1882, when he was 79 years old, but when he was alive he was an American essayist, a poet, and leader of the Transcendentalist movement in the early nineteenth century, worthy person to quote I think. Transcendentalism was a group of new ideas in literature, religion, culture, and philosophy. And then we have the people at the bank. Though it seems a miner opposition people are still having conflict problems. Everyone else in the bank had a conflict problem except for the people that knew their teller or the guy behind her. As I sit in the bank I don't talk to anybody. I merely am watching everyone, which was too much conflict for me already. I have to do it for this paper. These people have to do it to get their money. The tellers have to do it to earn money. Makes me wonder what a world would be like if you didn't have to confront anybody or anything; would we? Or would we sit at home with are belongings that we worked for at are home and that magically appeared when we buy them of the internet. The details aren't important, but you get the picture. The majority of the people would have Socio-phobia; we wouldn't need an outside world. We wouldn't need a world at all. We could float along in space in little house size capsules. But confronting things isn't part of fiction it is reality and you have to get over in every once in a while to cope with life. This man, the one who walked in side earlier has brown hair, blue eyes and stands about 5 feet and 5 inches tail. He probably weighs 180 pound; the wait is hard to tell because of his puffy coat. It is his tern finally to face the tiger. He simply states that he needed two hundred dollars withdrawaled from his saving account the teller says o.k. and asked his name. He answered under his breath. The teller prints out a receipt. He signs it. Gave the original to the teller and keeps the copy, gets his money and walks away from the teller, he does this much faster than it took to go to the teller. Out to the cold again he went just as the person before him did and the person after him will and so on until the bank closes and waits to continue the dance another day; everyday except for Sundays and holidays. They only do half days on Saturday also.

On the other end, the tellers stand on her risen platform; with the cameras at their backs, ready to take on another day, another person, and another count down to the bottom of the barrel. This particular barrel has something special about it. It doesn't just count down, it counts up, and any other way I may have forgotten. People come in with checks or cash to put in the bank. You can always get the money back but if you don't it will sit and grow like a tree. Trees grow slowly; money also grows slowly, very slowly. Now if someone asks you if trees can grow after they are dead you can say yes, in banks.

The teller girls all buzz around trying to fulfill their duties. They have to complete the transactions that stand in front of them, only to find another walking in the door. At least they have the advantage of the tiger. One especial girl seems to be running circles around the other girls. She was young blond and full of spunk. She had the drive of a new comer. You can tell she is a short new comer, even though she stands taller than me, there is that extra foot of wood, padding and carpet that she stands on. Allusions are a bigger part of the world than most realize. You are looked down upon at the bank. Why do you think most of the cops are fat, because it's healthy? No, it's because they look more powerful that way. Scents Greece fatness is a sine of power. With there brown clothes and flashy cars, their red and blue lights; it's all psychology, designed to make you feel inferior, so you fall in line and don't screw anything up. Maybe not; maybe they just randomly picked the colors. It was one of the guys, which belonged to that two percent of the nation, which really just liked brown. It's best not to delve into certain speculations. Its one thing to say it but to believe it is quite a leap.

The blond, I have never seen her before even though I go to this bank on a regular basis, use to anyway. Lately I have had money problems and haven't needed to go to the bank, but she must be new, at lest new to me. She is taking in more opposition than anyone else and with a smile. That is how you serve people with a smile or they may make a fuss about your services and she new this. I can't grasp this. I tried to wait tables before and I just get angry at people, and what was on my face was far from a smile, but she can pull it of, more power to her. Of coarse not to much power, she is merely only one step above the janitor, dealing with the public. She seems to enjoy it. Or is she just a good actor?

She comes in with a smile on her face and her pride in her hand. Not the same smile as the blond haired lady has though, but a different smile, a voracious smile, a smile that says "ha, ha, ha, I probably have more money than any of you fools" and "bow down scum of the earth. This may have only been directed toured me. I did not bow. I simply stared with my note book at hand writing my thoughts and what I see. She didn't tern quick like most when they are confronted by a starrier. She stared back sizing me up as I sized her up. I have told what my conclusion was after I stared but what she concluded was probably much different. It may have went like this: That man in the chair looks highly peculiar I probably should hold my purse full of hundred dollar bills closer and get ready to grab my pepper spray. I have never in my life thought of stilling someone's purse no mater how much I thought they disserved it. There was one time in my life were I thought it was cool to steel from gas stations or Wal-Mart but that time has passed and good reddens to it! Some time even teenagers can come up with the dumbest ideas.

Sarcasm makes life a little easier for me. Richard Stevens the cartoonist once said "Wasting sarcasm is a sin" and I believe him.

She finally looks away and I amended my victory of the staring contest. There were no more glances between us. I probably just scared her.

A headstrong college boy lounges across the way, on the row of cushioned chairs that sit in front of me. He's higher up on the hierocracy than the blond but, he dose less work, he got a deal; more pay less work that's what we all want isent it. That's why I'm going to college. He probably has his own office and maybe a secretary. This day and age college is the only way to get buy. He wares a suit and tie and looks respectable. He has short brown hair and glasses. His interests' right now are coffee, news paper, and sitting.

Iuka handle fluke airfoil. These are just random words. A chaotic compilation of meaning full words, but together they tell me nothing more than they did apart. People are the same as words. All of them can tell you something and if you get the right ones together they can tell you much more, but you have to pick and choose the people so they fit together. Or you end up with nothing more than a bunch of words that don't fit together. You can try your hardest to fit them together (The Iuka's handle on the airfoil was a fluke) but you need to try harder to fit yourself in the equation. People (especially Americans) don't want to try to get to know words that they don't fit with when they got their select group that they fit so fluently with. With this you lose what could be gained. The gain of knowledge is a top priority in this world, though it is not shared with all. I take pride in knowing what could be lost.

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